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Netflix to stop account sharing in the US by June

Netflix had caused a sensation at the end of last year when it declared its intention oppose the practice of sharing passwords among users. And now he promises investors an important step: Netflix will block account sharing in the USin the second quarter of the year.

Netflix will block account sharing in the US

The company had already started imposing some restrictions in four countries: Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain. Since then there had been no more news about it, and perhaps someone had thought that the project had been abandoned. But Netflix, in a recent letter to investors, reiterated its intention to proceed. Turning to the United States, the main market for the streaming giant.

Netflix then used this period to analyze the effects of anti-sharing password restrictions in the four countries already involved. In this way it was able to define more accurately and definitively how to act in other markets, including the United States and all of Europe.

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In other countries where the restriction is in place, the account owner must establish a primary location. He can then share the account with up to two other users (limit that could be lowered to one), if you have a Standard or Premium subscription and pay a supplement. Which in Spain set at 5.99 euros/month.

Users will still be able to continue to view Netflix from other locations on the loror mobile devices, tablets or on new TVs (like those of a hotel). To ease the transition, Netflix has given the option to transform a profile into an account so as not to lose personalized suggestionsi, history, My list, saved games, settings and other information.

Meanwhile, the company is also introducing other innovations such as 1080p streaming even for the Basic subscription. In addition, he announced to investors the end of DVD distribution, with which he launched his own business.

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