NETGEAR Insight WAX615: il nuovo Access Point WiFi 6

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NETGEAR launches the new Insight Managed WiFi 6 AX3000 Dual-band Multi-Gig PoE Access Point (WAX615). Developed for SMBs, the WAX615-100EUS provides the fastest dual-band WiFi 6, multi-gigabyte performance, NETGEAR Insight remotely managed coverage, and NETGEAR Instant Mesh capability.

The speed WiFI of end-point devices has evolved in order to guarantee an increasingly high-performance Internet access for companies, exceeding the speed limit of Gigabit per second. The companies they need to upgrade their infrastructure WiFi to keep up with customer demand and computerized business operations. We often talk about NETGEAR and the WAX615 does not disappoint expectations, which thanks to technology WiFi 6 Release 2offers double the performance of WiFi 6 Release 1, at a advantageous price. Il WAX615 allows you to easily upgrade existing Insight networks, thanks to compatibility with access points NETGEAR Insight.

Speed ​​and simplicity | NETGEAR Insight WAX615

With a maximum speed of 3Gbpsa higher flow rate it’s a easy setupl’access point WAX615 offers a better experience WiFi in high-density environments. The device also includes one year of free Insight subscription for configuration and monitoring, without the need for additional management hardware. Furthermore, the WAX615 has a porta Ethernet Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) 2.5Gbps for faster wired connectivity and easy installation.

Il WAX615 is another example of the commitment of NETGEAR for innovation and solution provision WiFi cutting edge for customers. The result is the WAX615 offering higher data throughput, better network efficiency and better user experience, all while maintaining management consistency across product generations and at an attractive price

Douglas Cheung, NETGEAR Wireless Business Director

Business Security WiFi 6 mai vista prima | NETGEAR Insight WAX615

Le PMI can get a level of safety low cost business. NETGEAR Insight makes it easy to set up and maintain safety network with features that include:

  • WPA3 Enterprise for the highest level of safety WiFi connection
  • 8 reti wireless separate (SSID) which can be used for administrators, employees, guests and a host of IoT devices (WiFi surveillance cameras, thermostats, door locks and sensors, etc.)
  • VLAN individuali for network separation and dedicated lanes for various data flows (administrators, employees, visitors, HR, Finance, etc.)

NETGEAR Insight WAX615: il nuovo Access Point WiFi 6

Additional Features | NETGEAR Insight WAX615

The new access point NETGEAR Insight WAX615 offers several features:

  • WiFi 6 Release 2: 100% faster than WiFi 6 Release 1 in the 5GHz band
  • Instant Mesh: compatible with all Access Point managed Insights to form hybrid wired and wireless mesh networks, expanding coverage WiFi
  • Simultaneous use: manages 4 times more client devices per unit than WiFi 5
  • Superior performance: dual-band with each unit capable of delivering 3.0 Gbps of data rate
  • Roaming and Load Balancing: unmatched user experience across theagencyideal for high density environments
  • Support for the latest devices: works with the latest iOS and Android mobile devices such as iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and all notebook computers, wireless and wired
  • Compatibility: Supporta gli standard WiFi 4 (IEEE 802.11n), WiFi 5 (IEEE 802.11ac) e WiFi 6 (IEEE 802.11ax)
  • Easy implementation: one 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port with high power Power-over-Ethernet (PoE +) port (PoE + switch and access point power adapter are sold separately)

Availability | NETGEAR Insight WAX615

NETGEAR Insight Managed WiFi 6 AX3000 Dual-band Multi-Gig PoE Access Point (WAX615-100EUS) is available from May.

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