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Netgear nightawk 5g – the perfect gift for smart dads

On March 19th, it offers a stable and fast connection of the latest generation, with the best portable router ever thanks to Netgear Nighthawk lte 5g

With Father’s Day upon us, Netgear offers an extraordinary product capable of combining business with pleasure to meet the needs of the most demanding users: the portable router Netgear Nightawk lte 5g m5the first with internet connection 5G e WiFi 6.

Netgear nightawk 5g, thanks to WiFi 6 technology allows a more stable connection, a speed up to 1,8 Gbps in download, while streaming and transfers are 1,5 times faster than WiFi 5.

Netgear nightawk 5g - the perfect gift for smart dads

Netgear nightawk 5g – the perfect gift for smart dads

Compatible with all SIM 5G of the main operators, l’hotspot NETGEAR mobile is ideal for those who love to travel, visit unexplored places, regenerate themselves with a trip out of town alone, with family or company, celebrating in serenity, with the certainty of being able to connect to nature, but also to the network, through numerous devices that can be associated with the router.

Netgear nightawk 5g prevents and protects against any risks that may be incurred by connecting to the public WiFi network, creating a private network to which all devices used outside the home can be connected at the same time.

Another plus is the battery that reaches up to with a single charge 13 hours in duration and, if necessary, it becomes a useful power bank to charge your smartphone on the go.

“Fun is serious business!”

He claimed Italo Calvino, and today, to enjoy the most beautiful moments in a carefree way, it is essential to know that you can count on reliable solutions at any time, one of the main characteristics of NETGEAR, which for over 25 years has simplified daily gestures alongside consumers. Greetings from tuttotek.

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