Netgear: Orbi WiFi 6 for a stable connection to watch sports on TV

With the advent of streaming games, we all need a fast and powerful internet connection: this is Netgear’s solution

If before a ‘antenna satellite not to miss even a moment of the football matches, now, that the matches are broadcast in streaming, we need a fast internet connection. The WiFi at home, of course, is already overloaded by the numerous devices connected to it: PCs, smartphones, others smart TV and tablet. Let’s find out the idea of Netgear to solve this problem.

Netgear’s solution

The best and latest technology that allows simultaneous streaming on multiple devices is definitely WiFi 6. This technology, when combined with the power in terms of system coverage Mesh Orbi WiFi 6 it represents absolutely the best you can get in terms of WiFi connection.

Netgear: Orbi WiFi 6 for a stable connection to watch sports on TV

On a practical level, this clearly translates into see games at the same time championship on multiple devices. But not only that, it will be possible to video call friends while other members watch other online content. Netgear Orbi WiFi 6 is designed specifically for every person who loves the streaming online.

Among other things, the product of the well-known US company is very easy to install and is immediately ready to be used. Depending on the desired coverage, it is possible to add one or more satellites to the router and thus have a connection Stable WiFi. Always fromApp you can make speed test for continuous monitoring of the performance of your WiFi.

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