NETGEAR: The simplification of the new Pro AV line at ISE 2022

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At ISE 2022 NETGEAR wanted to present to the world some innovations for the Pro AV line: let’s see what they are

In recent days in Barcelona, all’ISE 2022 (Integrated System Europe)one of the world’s leading AV fairs for systems integration, also had among its major attendees the inevitable NETGEAR, ready to present technological innovations and provide solutionsi: NETGEAR’s innovations are targeted specifically at its range of AV switches, introducing novelties in the Pro line. Among the juicier additions you can find a new application NETGEAR, plus new desktop switches that go to simplify installation even in a range of space-limited applications. Let’s see in detail what the leading company in the internet and Wi-Fi solutions sector wanted to present.

NETGEAR and the news of the Pro AV line at ISE 2022

As we said, NETGEAR has announced some important news at ISE 2022: the Pro AV line will be updated with three new products AV-over-IP, and the NETGEAR Engage Controller application was introduced, which is based on the AV graphical user interface (GUI) found in the M4250 series managed switches. In addition, they also arrive two new desktop switches M4250 smaller, unique in the industry with an innovative AV-oriented GUI. All the more complex menus have been removed, providing a simple AV template-based approach to switch configurations. This way AV installers can manage projects directly with the confidence that all network settings are correct for their AV application.

NETGEAR: The simplification of the new Pro AV line at ISE 2022

With the NETGEAR Engage Controller application, the approach comesand extended to a complete configuration of any switch managed M4250 or M4300. These new stand-alone software solutions will be available for free starting next month on Windows, Mac and Linus. In the next few lines you can also see other product specifications:

  • The new M4250-9G1F-PoE + (GSM4210PD), intended for audio installations, is fanless and has 8 1G PoE + ports and another 1G standard port – along with 1 SFP port for uplinks.
  • The M4250-8G2XF-PoE + (GSM4210PX) is equipped with adjustable fans and 8 1G PoE + ports with an additional 2 SFP + ports for broadband uplink required in video installations.

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