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A few days ago during the WWDC 2023 Keynote, Apple presented the new MacBook Air M2 15 inch. New so to speak because it is identical to the MacBook Air that we saw in person last year at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, but with a 15-inch display. So why all the fuss and excitement? Let’s try to figure something out together in what I would call one non-review.

MacBook AIR 15″, the AIR that was missing

When I opened it for my test, the first thing I asked myself was “did we really need it?”. In the end it’s a MacBook AIR with an M2 processor (with a design distinct from last year’s) but with the addition of a 15.3-inch display (again with Liquid Retina technology) which makes it bigger, a little heavier and a little bulkier. So why all this?

I tried to use rationality to explain myself and in the end I came to the conclusion that yes, it was the MacBook that was missing.

I want it big, but I don’t want the PRO

The starting point of this product is: I would like a slightly bigger MacBookbut I don’t need the power that a MacBook PRO would offer me… and above all I don’t want to spend so much money for an oversized product compared to my needs.

So here is that in this case MacBook AIR 15 inches (always with M2 processor) becomes the perfect companion. After testing it for a week, I can tell you that the performance is identical to that of the 13-inch AIR and the battery life is also equivalent to that of its little brother.
According to Apple, both AIRs offer a total autonomy of 18 hours of use.

macbook air 15 review 03The 15-inch MacBook Air also fits perfectly in my usual backpack which is quite compact.

Furthermore, this 15-inch Air fits perfectly in the backpack that I use in my daily life (usually with a 13-inch PC), without upsetting my working habits.

What are the differences with MacBook Pro?

I insert below a nice comparison between MacBooks in order to explain myself better.

macbook ari 15 vs macbook pro16

Until yesterday if someone was eager to have a slightly larger display for his laptop, he would have necessarily had to look towards a 14 or 16-inch MacBook PRO, thus getting an M2 Pro or MAX processor of which probably does not need. Thus also increasing costs: €2499 for the basic 14″ PRO model or even €3099 for the basic 16″ PRO model.

MacBook AIR 15-inch with M2 instead places us at a price of € 1649 for the 256 GB version of internal memory and €1,879 for the 512 GB version.

But let’s not always just talk about money which is not elegant. Let’s also talk about weight: MacBook AIR 15″ weighs 1.51 kg while MacBook PRO 14″ 1.6 kg and MacBook 16″ 2.15 kg. The difference in weight is given by the different architecture of the two devices: MacBook PRO M2s are equipped with a fan while MacBook AIRs are fanless.

In short, you understand for yourself that this device fits right where there was a lack; the lack of a bigger laptop, just as powerful but not too heavy or hyper-expensive.

For completeness, this is our review of the 13-inch MacBook Air M2.

The usual – and indisputable – MacBook with M2

We tried but above all appreciated the 13″ MacBook AIR with M2 announced last year and we found it a really great product (here you can find the complete review). The latest laptops of the AIR series with M2 processor can really handle all the daily jobs without ever getting stuck but also handle heavier jobs such as editing and video export (not extremely elaborate).

In short 15-inch MacBook AIR M2 it is precisely the product that was missing to complete the Apple offer in terms of portable devices. Who would have thought, that we would “need” a new MacBook in the Apple family.

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