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New details on Diablo Immortal’s Realm of Damnation

The new blog of Blizzard tells us about the Realm of Damnation from Diablo Immortal and the audio that brings the zone to life. So let the narrative designer accompany you Ryan Quinn and the artistic director Hunter Schulz while previewing the continuation of the story after the end of the closed beta and the Frozen Tundra area.

See you did not follow the closed betastop: the article contains in fact some spoiler.

The Realm of Damnation from Diablo Immortal

The story of Diablo Immortal sends players on a timely search for fragments of the Stone of the World, the artifact used to create Sanctuary. After exploring freezing wastes, weed swamps, and graveyards full of the undead, their mission will take them to a unknown place.

Il Realm of Damnation it is the personal Hell of a demon lord; is the corner of the Flaming Hells where Skarnthe mastermind behind the search for the fragments of the World Stone, acts as judge, jury and executioner.

At the end of the campaign of the Frozen Tundrathe players will follow Skarn in his lair and they will find out what he has in mind for humanity and for the Stone of the World.

First you have to fight your way through the corrupt woods of the Forest of Torment. In the darkness lurk the Raspa e le Gnarled Pawnsdemons who disappointed Skarn and saw each other for this to merge their own bodies with parts of the kingdom as a punishment.

To create them, Ryan Quinn revealed that the team tried to reflect shapes e the colors of the Kingdom of Damnationbreaking away from the classic “reddish demons that are found almost everywhere in the flames of the Underworld.”

They also wanted the pawns were suitable for the environment, as if they evolved there, or were transformed by it. Later there is talk of a besieged encampment, The Last Vestiges; from Skarnthe Lord of Destruction, gods sounds that reign in this placeof the demonic portals and, finally, of the Pit of Anguish.

To know all the details you can consult the blog available on the official Blizzard website.

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