New EyeQ SDK: Mobileye launches its new product

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Mobileye launches its new EyeQ Kit SDK. The SDK for advanced safety and driver assistance systems

The Mobileye (here for more information on the company), an Intel company, has launched EyeQ Kitits first software development kit (SDK) for the su system chip EyeQ. This fuels driver assistance and future autonomous technologies for automakers around the world. EyeQ Kit was created to take advantage of the powerful and energy-efficient architecture of the upcoming processors EyeQ 6 High e EyeQ Ultra. It also enables automakers to utilize Mobileye’s proven core technology, while implementing their own differentiated code and human-machine interface tools on the EyeQ platform.

New EyeQ SDK: Mobileye launches its new product

Mobileye’s new EyeQ SDK statements

Below, we have reported for you the first statements regarding the new Mobileye SKD EyeQ.

EyeQ Kit enables our customers to benefit from the best of both worlds. Mobileye’s proven and validated core technologies, coupled with its expertise in providing unique experiences and interfaces for drivers. As more core vehicle functions are defined in the software, knowing our customers will want the flexibility and capability they need. This is to differentiate and define their brands through code.

He stated the prof. Amnon Shashuapresident and CEO of Mobileye

How does it work

Through EyeQ hardware and software, automakers have access to a wide range of Mobileye solutions. These include computer vision, REM crowdsourcing mapping and RSS-based driving policy. Using the EyeQ Kit, automakers can further harness the power of the system-on-chip di Mobileye. This is to augment the driver’s advanced functions with a unique look for their brands. And as the visual demands for interaction and communication between drivers and vehicles become more complex, EyeQ Kit offers automakers a new path to personalize critical information flows. EyeQ Kit will help support features such as surround viewing, automatic lane keeping and traffic sign recognition through more advanced augmented reality displays.

EyeQ Kit was developed by hundreds of Mobileye engineers drawing on in-depth experience in Intel e Mobileye, with experts in compilers and development environments such as OpenCL standards. This is done by leveraging the compilation frameworks used for intensive processing and deep learning. This approach allows car manufacturers to develop their applications easily and efficiently. It also offers the possibility of co-hosting third-party applications, reducing the costs of integrating other chips.

New EyeQ SDK: Mobileye launches its new product

Because it’s important

From general purpose CPU cores to compute-dense accelerators, including deep learning neural networks, EyeQ has a scalable and modular architecture that strives for high performance. But still, while offering adequate energy efficiency to implement AI at the edge for automotive applications. Previous generations of the chip EyeQ have been implemented in addition 100 million vehicles. With dozens of the world’s largest automakers using them to provide safety features and driver assistance in hundreds of models around the world.

Ora, EyeQ Kit aims to reduce development costsspeed up the time-to-market and enable hardware vendor flexibility throughout the development cycle, from concept to implementation and performance optimization.

Mobileye’s core technologies of machine vision, driving policy, REM and RSS are driven by specially designed SoCs that enable scalability and efficiency. Automakers can now leverage Mobileye’s core technologies while benefiting from our diverse set of accelerators specifically created for ADAS and AV. Carmakers can rely on the EyeQ kit and EyeQ processor family to create a technologically advanced vision for their brands – quickly and efficiently.

he has declared Shashua. EyeQ Kit has already been distributed with one of the leading global automakers for future vehicle programs.

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