Nuovi caricatori veloci e limitatori di sovratensione Huntkey

New fast chargers and Huntkey surge arresters

The Huntkey company has launched its new fast chargers and surge arresters

Huntkey launched three new products in the United States. Two of them are 100 W GaN chargers and the main target group are people who travel frequently. The other is a surge arrester, mainly used in kitchens, televisions, offices and other occasions that require multiple power outlets. When people travel for business or vacation, they need to carry lots of chargers, which take up space and weigh down their luggage. The charger Huntkey GaN provides 100 W solves this problem, with smaller size, lighter weight and faster charging speed. Thus satisfying the charging needs of multiple devices at the same time.

New fast chargers and Huntkey surge arresters

First feedback on the new fast chargers and surge arresters

It’s only about half of a dollar bill, but I was able to get 65 watts to charge my laptop.

This is feedback from an Amazon customer. This quick charger from 100 GaN increases charging efficiency by over 90% with its standard Power Delivery 3.0. Fully loading a 16-inch MacBook Pro in 1.9 hours and loading a iPhone 13 al 50% in 0,5 ore. GaN technology improves charging efficiency by reducing the size of the charger to 40% smaller than Apple’s original 96W charger, making it ideal for travel.

Technical details

With two doors USB-C da 100 W and a door USB-A da 18 W, can charge three devices at the same time. This charger uses 5 major safety technologies to reduce heat dissipation and ensure safety. This charger is FCC, ETL and CE certified. Protects against overload, over voltage, over current, over temperature and short circuit. In addition to the three ports, this charger also features another model with a single USB-C port, which can meet the charging needs of notebooks. Learn more about 100W GaN fast chargers.

With multiple electrical outlets, a surge arrester allows you to charge mobile phones, computers and TVs at the same time, protecting them from voltage spikes. This protection is measured in joules. SMD127C provides a 3480J surge protection energy rating, which is a relatively high specification for ordinary home use. This is a great option for protecting high-power appliances such as air conditioners and refrigerators from high voltage surges. The other best known cause of voltage spikes is lightning. Shots of light can cause severe power surges that can burn TVs, computers, and so on. SMD127C defends against possible surges and spikes that could damage electronics or equipment.

New fast chargers and Huntkey surge arresters


Sometimes, when the power of the working electrical appliance is excessive, the power strip will withstand excessive power (greater than the rated power), which could cause burns or explosions to the power strip and the equipment, posing a safety hazard. SMD127C has overload protection to reduce the possibility and risk of such accidents. The left and right sockets are specially designed for equipment with wide pitch plugs and the middle part is suitable for equipment with normal small plugs. The combined design of such large and ordinary outlets makes reasonable use of space and material.

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