New game exclusively on Xbox

Dolby Vision è ora disponibile su Xbox Series X

Since the release of the Xbox Series X / S, Microsoft has been striving to conquer the gaming industry. From acquiring Bethesda to developing exclusive new titles, there are plenty of reasons to choose to buy an Xbox console. And now it looks like Microsoft is one game exclusively insured developed by third parties. Let’s go find out something more.

Xbox: new game exclusively for the Microsoft console

One of the biggest problems with Xbox One was certainly the lack of console-exclusive games. Perhaps for this reason Microsoft has chosen to give exclusive titles to anyone in possession of a new Xbox Series X / S. And now a new game seems to be coming exclusively for the next-gen console. Recently, the analyst Millie A shared some details about the release on Twitter. Probably, however, it will not be anything developed by Bethesda, given that the company was acquired by Microsoft and would not be a third-party game.

It could therefore be a Bloober Team title, especially after the studio worked on The Medium for PS5. However, there isn’t enough information to really define which game or which third-party developer Millie A might be referring to. Not to mention, although this information comes from an internal source, it is not an official announcement made by Microsoft. For now, therefore, this is news to be “taken with a grain of salt”. In any case, it will be interesting to see what other exclusives could potentially come to Xbox Series X in the years to come.

For the moment, however, what we know is that the game will not be just another launch on Game Pass, but something much more structured, which can finally satisfy the faithful of the console.

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