New InWin AIO Liquid CPU Cooling Kits: the MR24 and MR36 presented

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InWin Introduces MR24 and MR36 AIO Liquid CPU Cooling Kit. ARGB aluminum ring block, Neptune AN120 fans and unique radiator-mounted pump design

In Win is a leading innovator in the PC enthusiast and gaming hardware industry. In the last hours has launched its new MR24 (240mm) and MR36 (360mm) AIO CPU liquid cooling kits; designed for Intel and AMD CPU platforms.

The MR24 and MR36 AIOs feature an aluminum CPU block with high-density microchannel fins that allow for efficient heat dissipation. This feature reduces the temperature delta, offering superior headroom for sustained incremental clock speeds. Additionally, the ARGB ring around the CPU block is fully rotatable and features a Lock-N-Go connector that ensures a solid connection.

New InWin AIO Liquid CPU Cooling Kits: the MR24 and MR36 presented

Details on InWin’s MR24 and MR36 AIO Liquid Cooling Kits for CPUs

A distinctive aspect of the MR series is the integration of the pump directly into the radiator, ensuring optimal cooling without transferring additional heat to the CPU block. This innovative solution also reduces vibration and noise, while the micro-channel fin radiator design maximizes heat dissipation area; while maintaining a slim profile that offers better frame compatibility.

The MR Series is complemented by the Neptune AN120 fans, known for their high static pressure and quiet operation; offering airflow up to 60.1 CFM and 2.27mm H2O pressure at just 20.5dBA with PWM control. Plus, the included tool-free mounting kit supports the latest AMD and Intel CPU sockets, simplifying installation and ensuring greater durability.

And you? What do you think of these new AIO Liquid CPU Cooling Kits from InWin ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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