Nuovi iPad e accessori: cosa aspettarsi dall'evento Apple del 7 maggio thumbnail

New iPads and accessories: what to expect from Apple's May 7 event

Apple announced a new event for the 7 maggio at 4pm Italian time, which will be streamed: what can we expect from “Let Loose”? Judging by the event logo and the rumors, it seems that we will be able to see new iPads and accessories.

Apple announces “Let Loose” event in May: what to expect?

As you can see well from the logo presented by Apple, the presence of a new Apple Pencil it seems almost obvious. But the Cupertino team would not limit itself to announcing an accessory at a global event: new iPads will almost certainly arrive. Also because we haven't seen a new launch in this category for a long time.

iPad Pro in OLED version and new iPad Air

Among the expected innovations there are two new models iPad Prochip M3battery compatible with MagSafe, camera on the long side and small size. We should see both the larger 12.9-inch and 11-inch versions.

But the most interesting news concerns the screen. For some time now, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has been saying that the new iPad Pros will have a display OLED (also the 11 inch version). Furthermore, we should see a new design, even if Apple will confirm FaceID and USB-C in this product range (which arrived here before many other Apple products).

ipad pro OLED two sizes Appleipad pro OLED two sizes Apple

Even the line iPad Air should be updated with two models. However, they won't have Apple's newest chip. They will, in fact, be equipped with M2 chips. Regardless, it will still be far more powerful than the vast majority of tablets on the market — even the older model with the M1 chip is a huge leap over the competition (and even over the base iPad).

As Wired explains, we expect the display to be Mini-LED and the camera goes on the longer side, as it is in the iPad Pro. But, perhaps, the biggest news could be an increase in size: we could see the first 12.9-inch iPad Air. Something really expected by users, who don't need the Pro model, but want a larger display.

New accessories

On the accessories front, updates are expected for the keyboard Magic Keyboardother than Apple Pencil. As The Verge points out, we could see an aluminum keyboard with a larger trackpad, similar to those on Macs — but still with the soft material to act as an iPad cover. Some rumors suggest that we will also be able to see compatibility with Vision Pro.

The Pencil could have interchangeable and magnetic tips, other rumors say that it could have a new gesture when you “squeeze” the pen. We hope both arrive. But to know for sure, we have to wait a couple more weeks.

The event of 7 maggio marks the return of the iPad in the spotlight, leaving them a dedicated moment before WWDC 2024, starting on June 10th. You can follow the event on the Apple website and on YouTube, we will keep you updated on the news.

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