Nuova CPU IPC: Longson mostra la sua creazione

New IPC CPU: Longson shows its creation

Chinese processor designer Loongson says its new IPC CPU will have the same performance as AMD Zen 3 and Intel Willow Cove by 2023

Loongsonalso known as Godson or Dragon chip, is a CPU architecture developed by CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) as an alternative to architectures developed by US companies such as Intel o AMD. The chief architect of architecture is the professor Weiwu Hu of the ICT (Institute of Computing Technology). Computers based on the Loongson architecture normally use a modified version of Linux. But Windows CE it was ported with relative ease to Loongson-based machines. For more information click here.

New IPC CPU: Longson shows its creation

Details on the new IPC CPU

Chinese PC and server processor designer Loongson says its next processor microarchitecture will offer a IPC which corresponds to that ofAMD “Zen 3”Also, the processor will be slightly faster than Intel “Willow Cove”. The processors Godson 3A6000 they are based on microarchitecture LA664. Loongson compared his creations directly to the processors AMD Ryzen 5 5600G e Intel Core i7-1165G7 standard, on several cross-platform benchmarks. At the end of the tests, Loongson claimed to have achieved comparable single-threaded performance.

Microarchitecture LA664 is based on Loongson’s internal ISA, and unlike Zhaoxin processors, they are not compatible with x86-64. Loongson processors are generally bought in bulk by the Chinese government and military, to run servers and workstations completely free of foreign hardware, for security reasons. The custom machine architecture is paired with a compatible nix operating system that is equally built from scratch. 2023 will see Loongson launch the processor 3A6000 as a multi-chip module with 32 core CPU.

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