New kits coming to The Sims 4: here is Moonlight Chic and Little Campers

Nuovi kit in arrivo su The Sims 4: ecco Moonlight Chic e Little Campers thumbnail

EA and Maxis have unveiled The Sims 4 Chic in the Moonlight Kit e The Sims 4 Little Campers Kitavailable on PC through Origin and Steam, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One on 26 maggio. Here are all the details.

Little Campers and Chic in the Moonlight: here are the new kits coming to The Sims 4

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This season, the Simmers can discover the night with new content that encourages them to have fun at sunset and the transform in new and exciting versions of themselves.

Con The Sims 4 Chic in the Moonlight Kit the Simmers can find out new styles e dressing up for an evening to remember in the City of Love. Inspired by the Parisian designer Paola Locatelli and today’s youth fashions, these new looks are perfect for all experiences that a Sim will meet on a night on the town.

Players will have the opportunity to indulge themselves with colors, fluidity and modern style. The new timeless collection will help the Simmers to draw inspiration from classic Parisian styles to create your own modern and personalized fashion sense.

Instead with the Small Campers Kit of The Sims 4 Sims can explore and enjoy great outdoors with a’cozy camping gear e artisanal. Sims can play outside in the safety of their DIY blanket fortwith a collection that offers everything a family needs for a night of creative fun.

Children will conquer the courtyard with nice furniture, playful camping equipment it’s a’plenty of toys. It will also be possible to roast marshmallows and much more. We remind you that the two kits of The Sims 4 will be available starting from 26 maggio.

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