New layoffs for Twitter, including Esther Crawford, the manager who slept in the office

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Twitter has once again implemented a series of layoffs. At least 50 according to a report by The Information and according to the posts published on social networks by the now ex-employees of the blue social network. Among them is the faithful Esther Crawfordthe CEO of payments at Twitter, who became famous for sleeping in the office due to excessive workload.

Twitter implements new employee layoffs

The layoffs have come in recent days, after Twitter employees realized they had been barred from using Slack. It must be said, however, that in the last period Twitter was no longer paying the messaging platform. So the employees believed there was some kind of technical malfunction.

For this reason, employees have started complaining about it on their social profiles. They gave a variety of information on the extent of the layoff: 50% in human resources, 60% in sales and marketing, 35% in engineering, 40% in finance and 80% in project management. Finally, the employees received a one-month severance package. Yet another employee said he found out he was fired because his company mailbox was blocked overnight.

Since when Elon Musk Twitter took over in October last year, the company’s headcount fell by more than 70%. This latest round of layoffs comes after Musk promised in November that there would be no more layoffs.

Elon Musk’s words on the new CEO of Twitter

A big news comes from World Government Summit di Dubai, where Elon Musk appeared via video conference. La Stampa reports that during his speech, Musk recognized the need to find a new CEO to stabilize the company and, he added, he will do so by the end of the year. His exact words were: “I have to make sure that Twitter is in a financially sound state. I think towards the end of this year I should be able to find a new CEO”.

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