New malware discovered: Russia could be behind it

Un nuovo malware, probabilmente di origine russa, è in grado di danneggiare impianti industriali thumbnail

Malware concept with faceless hooded male person using tablet computer, low key red and blue lit image and digital glitch effect

Two cybersecurity companies, Dragos e Mandiantthey discovered a new malware which was renamed, respectively, PIPEDREAM e INCONTROLLER. The discovery of this malware took place during support and assistance activities that the two companies provided to companies Schneider Electric and Omron. According to analysts, there may be links to Russia with the malware.

A new malware of possibly Russian origin has been discovered by some cybersecurity companies

According to what researchers have revealed, behind this malware there could be the government support which would finance its development. It could be there Russia to have supported the development of this malware which, potentially, it is able to initiate industrial sabotage interventions, causing blocks and malfunctions of production and strategic activities. Potentially, the new malware identified by Dragos and Mandiant could lead to the destruction of machinery and serious damage to various plants. The malware is capable of attacking PLC industrial control devices in addition to the Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA) platform. More details on the malware can be found on the Mandiant portal.

There are no reports on previous attacks

At the moment, as revealed by Dragos and Mandiant, there is no possibility to confirm with certainty the use of this malware for malicious activity in the recent past. The situation is still being monitored. Most likely, then, new details could emerge over the next few weeks.