Ninja Woodfire è il nuovo barbecue elettrico per le tue grigliate estive, con 7 funzioni di cottura thumbnail

New Ninja Woodfire electric barbecue with smoke, for your outdoor grills

The new Ninja Woodfire electric barbecue boasts a wide range of features that take outdoor cooking to the next level. From smoking to air frying, from drying to classic grilling, many possibilities for cooking your favorite dishes in company. without the use of gas or charcoal.

What better way to usher in the warm season than with one outdoor grill with friends and relatives? The new Ninja Woodfire electric barbecue is suitable for both grill experts and those who want to experience outdoor cooking in company for the first time. Easy to use and practical to keep in the garden, camping or even on the balcony, with its technology it eliminates the use of charcoal, gas or flames. Simply plug into the electrical outlet and choose between many cooking functionsto cook any food in the company of friends and relatives.

Barbecue at the campsite

Prepare your favorite dishes by choosing from 7 cooking functions

The Ninja Woodfire Electric Barbecue delivers well 7 different features to cook your favorite foods. L’smoking is certainly the intriguing novelty of this product, which allows you to obtain the authentic and delicious flavors characteristic of the barbecue. The pellets of 100% natural wood and the convection fan that circulates the heat evenly guarantee perfect smoking of the food.

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Another gem of Woodfire the outdoor air fryerwhich allows you to cook any food, from vegetables to french fries, reducing up to 75% fat compared to traditional frying. You can also choose the roasting, baking, drying, heating and the classic grill. The grill allows you to cook with the lid open for a true barbecue experience, or you can cook comfortably with the lid closed, depending on your needs.

Precious wood blends and lots of grilling accessories

Ninja Woodfire is equipped with a large cooking surface that adapts to all foods, from meat to fish, from cheese to vegetables, up to caramelized fruit. This innovative barbecue allows you to grill any food, even frozenadapting perfectly to the kitchen in the garden or on the terrace, to enjoy food in company.

Ninja Woodfire in the garden

The package includes the Woodfire starter pack, with two blends of 100% pure wood pellets. A multipurpose blend created from a mix of cherry, maple and oak and a blend made from hickory, cherry, maple and oak. The first releases a balanced, soft and sweet taste, perfect for fish and vegetables. The second, more robust, it adapts to a more classic barbecuepairing perfectly with beef, chicken and pork.

In addition to the pellet scoop and air fryer basket included in the kit, other accessories can be purchased separately. They are available on foldable cartthe custodythe smooth plate and the combined air fryer basket for Ninja Woodfire Electric Barbecue.

Master the grill with the Ninja Woodfire Electric Barbecue

Outdoor cooking is a tradition of Mediterranean cuisine and that’s why I’m pleased to collaborate with this reality to present the Ninja Woodfire Electric Barbecue with Smoker in Italy and help enthusiasts master the art of the grill. Whether it’s smoked meats, crispy chicken or grilled vegetables, this grill allows it all in any open space.

Gino D’Acampo, the Italian chef who, together with Ninja, inspires future grill masters.

Chef Gino D'Acampo

Where to buy Ninja Woodfire

The Ninja Woodfire OG701EU electric barbecue with smoker can be purchased on and available from authorized dealers. For those looking for new ideas to taste, there is also a recipe book in Italian which can be downloaded from the official website.

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