New OPPO Find N3 and Huawei Nova 11 SE releasing in October

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The new OPPO Find N3 and the Huawei Nova 11 SE are coming out this October 2023 which, according to rumors from China, will be a month full of news for mobile devices, including two foldable smartphones

Rather reliable rumors suggest that OPPO will announce the new Find N3, the new foldable smartphone, next month. The device will be equipped with a dual technology CMOS sensor, which should greatly increase the quality of photos taken and images displayed on the screen. Joining OPPO is Honor, which in turn will announce a foldable smartphone, as well as a new smartwatch and a new Play series device. There are rumors that Huawei will also launch the new one this October Huawei Nova 11 SEwhich we discovered will have a flat back panel and a camera on a double circle, with a set of three cameras, to make it easier to take photos and choose the right angle.

New Oppo Find N3: the smartphone of the future due out in October

The new Oppo Find N3 raises everyone’s expectations to the stars, as it promises to be the most interesting device of Octoberso it is right to keep your eyes wide open on the new gem, because the new camera sensor seems to be the future of smartphones, at least on the photographic side. Oppo has started a collaboration with the Lytia image sensor brand, from Sony, to keep Sony’s dual technology sensors close to future OPPO products. Expectations on the new sensors are high, in fact it is said that these sensors will pave the way for the new era of computational photography.

This sensor uses a dual-layer design to separate the transistors from the photodiode layers. This would allow larger photodiodes to be inserted into the device to capture more light and reduce noise, even in the most extreme light conditions. In reality, this technology is not entirely new, in fact Sony has already used it in the Xperia 1 V before this year. In addition to the camera sensor, the new Oppo Find N3, due out in October, will also have an internal screen of 19.86 centimeters with a resolution of 2268×2440 pixels and an external screen of 5.91 centimeters with a resolution of 2484 ×1116 pixels. Continue to follow us on to find out more about upcoming mobile devices!

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