DCU: James Gunn reveals the actors we will see again in the reboot

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James Gunn has explained which actors we will be able to see again in the DCU which is slowly taking shape, after many years of confusion and uncertainty

The DCEU started by Zack Snyder way back in 2013 with Man Of Steel wasn’t very lucky in terms of production, this often caused a lot of problems for those who had taken the reins to create a cinematic universe that acted as a counterpart to the MCU. The main problem was this, the rush to compete with Marvel Studios who had begun their history many years before. After the loss of Snyder’s daughter, Autumun, the DCEU has begun to fall apartand after many years of instability, James Gunn has taken on the responsibility of completely reboot the franchise, starting from scratch with new actors, but reprising some of them. The director of Guardians of the Galaxy explained to us what he decided to do with the interpreters of the characters.

James Gunn and the actors of the DCU

As is known, the next DCEU film to be released is Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which will serve as the final chapter of the DCEU started in 2013 and under the name Snyderverse. After this film, James Gunn’s new DCU, with Peter Safran as co-CEO, will begin. Gunn spoke of three actors who will return in the DCU. In fact, among the actors who will return we find Xolo Maridueña who will reprise his role as Blue Beetleexplained that the character we saw in his film is a variant, while alongside him there will be the Peacemaker on John Cena and the Amanda Waller by Viola Davis.

The director also added that the new canon of the DCU will not begin before the release of the series Creature CommandosWhile Superman Legacy will be the first feature film of the new universe. He also explained that some actors will reprise the roles they played in the old films and that some points of their plots, also including the animated series, will coincide with that of the new story. We just have to wait for the release of Creature Commandos and Superman Legacy, but we trust that Gunn will be able to manage the actors of the DCU, both old and new. Continue to follow us on our website TechGameWorld.com to stay tuned.

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