New parental supervision functions for Quest VR and Instagram

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Meta announces new tools for parental supervision coming to Quest VR and to Instagram. Features that allow parents and guardians to make social media and VR safe for minors. All through a specially designed dashboard.

Parental supervision, new functions for Quest VR and Instagram

After introducing them in March, Meta is giving guardians and parents new tools to protect minors in virtual reality and on social media. For example, from the Quest viewers dashboard you can approve or disapprove the download of games and apps that have a restriction (for example 16+). Boys and girls can send a request to purchase, notifying parents or guardians, who can then approve.

Adults can also block certain apps and control all those in use by the teen, as well as see the time spent by minors with the Quest VR set on the eyes. Also they can see the Oculus Friends list.

Additionally there is a hub to educate parents on the use of these tools, with educational information from international experts.

On Instagram, parents and guardians can send teenagers a request for supervision tools: only if the boys and girls accept can you use them. If they do, you can set specific times to restrict Instagram usage. Also you can see who report for inappropriate conductto understand if there are bullying or violence.

The tools as well as in the United States arrive in UK, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Canada, France e Germania. However, within the year the global launchso we Italians shouldn’t have to wait long either.

This is the second report on the parental supervision of Instagram and Quest VR, a sign that Meta is taking the impact that social and VR can have on teenagers. It remains to be seen whether the measures taken will have a positive effect: the team of experts who consults the company should give feedback on this. We will keep you informed in case of other news.

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