New Pokémon Snap: how to get four stars with Bidoof

In today’s guide we will see together how to get all four stars by photographing Bidoof on New Pokémon Snap

Bidoof is among the many colorful pocket monsters that populate the colorful world of New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch. Sequel to the chapter made for Nintendo 64 about twenty years ago, players are once again catapulted into the world of creatures imagined by Satoshi Tajiri and his team.

We will see today how to get all four stars with this nice “beaver”. A rather mild creature that he lives his life in a relaxed and pleasant way worrying only about eating with pleasure, splashing around in the water, walking a little and sleeping in the big!

Bidoof: how to get all 4 stars on New Pokémon Snap

Going to look for Bidoof in its natural habitat, New Pokémon Snap will therefore give us a practical example of the “slow” lifestyle and relaxed of our cute beaver. Almost like a modern hippie who lives his life with the greatest possible tranquility, our task will be to immortalize this essence of his. Let’s see how in detail.

New Pokémon Snap: how to get four stars with Bidoof

  • First Star: to collect the first one, just take a picture of it while it is walking or, more commonly, it is swimming in water. Easy and not at all demanding.
  • Second Star: throw a Fluffruit to attract him and, while he is starting to take his first bites, take a nice picture of him while he gorges himself to his fill.
  • Third Stella: go to the Florio Natural Park during the night and you will for sure notice some Torterra sleeping around. Next to a group of them there will be a body of water and that is where you will find three Bidoofs intent on swimming together in the same direction. One click and you’re good to go for these 3 stars too.
  • Fourth Stella: go to the Florio Natural Park, by day however, and you will find yourself in front of some nests and other constructions made by our favorite denton. One of those, more like a pyramidal nest, it’s his home and, to get it out, it will be enough throw a Fluffruit on its top. At that moment he will come out to understand what happened so don’t miss it!

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