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New Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings Pro 4 fans

BeQuiet! launches the new Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings Pro 4 fans. Reaching new heights in terms of airflow and static pressure

BeQuiet! (here for more info), the German manufacturer of premium PC components, proudly presents the fan series Silent Wings 4 e Silent Wings Pro 4. The new high-end fan series greatly improves the performance of the radiator and heatsink. These high-end fans are built for maximum performance in enclosures, heatsinks and radiators, delivering not only exceptional airflow but impressive static pressure as well. The fans also feature a new mechanism for mounting angles, which makes it easier than ever to adapt the fans to different situations, and some visual design improvements. And with Silent Wings Pro 4, BeQuiet! supercharged its fans to achieve extremely high rotational speeds. While giving consumers the option to configure these fans for low noise, a balanced noise / performance mode or maximum performance.

New Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings Pro 4 fans

Technical details of the new Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings Pro 4 fans

With the new Silent Wings 4 series, BeQuiet! focused on improved static pressure, which is vital when mounting fans on liquid cooled heatsinks or radiators. Compared to the award-winning Silent Wings 3 series, the fan blades have a different shape and feature lower tip clearance (1.0mm for all Silent Wings 4 models versus 1.2mm for Silent Wings 3). While the funnel-shaped air intake is replaced with a funnel-shaped air outlet, which disperses the air over a larger area. These changes have brought about a drastic improvement in static pressure, thus making Silent Wings 4 the best choice for heat sinks or radiators, while maintaining the extraordinarily low noise levels.

Easier assembly and visual improvements

Silent Wings 4 is equipped with two different mounting angles: Vibration-free rubber pivot corners and traditional hard plastic screw corners. Thanks to a reworked mounting system it is easier than ever to replace these corners, without the need for tools. Visually, the fans now feature a elegant black manufacturer logo on black. Silent Wings 4 is available in two sizes (120mm / 140mm) and three different models: 3 pin, PWM and high speed PWM. Regular models are best suited as case fans with their maximum speeds of 1600rpm (120mm) and 1100rpm (140mm). Instead, the high-speed versions are specifically tailored for heat sinks and radiators due to their higher speeds of 2500rpm and 1900rpm respectively. All Silent Wings 4 fans are based on a proven combination of a 6-pole fan motor with three phases and fluid dynamic bearings for a long life of 300,000 hours.

Pro 4 for maximum performance

For consumers who really want no holds barred, BeQuiet! is introducing Silent Wings Pro 4. Although these fans offer the same improvements as Silent Wings 4, the rotational speed has been turbo-charged to 3000 giri / min for the 120 mm version and 2400 rpm for the 140 mm version. A speed switch on the back makes it easy for customers who don’t want to handle fan curves PWM set the maximum speed according to their preferred use. Medium for silent optimized operation, high speed for a balanced noise / performance mode e Ultra High Speed For maximum performance.

Silent Wings Pro 4 includes an additional corner type, created specifically for radiators. These radiator corners fit snugly against the fan to prevent air leaks and ensure maximum static pressure. The fans are also equipped with a high-quality mesh sheathed cable and an easy-to-use motherboard connector.

New Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings Pro 4 fans


Listed below are all the prices relating to the various models of the Silent Wings 4.

  • The Silent Wings 4 120 mm> 1600 rpm $ 22.90 / € 23.90 / £ 20.99
  • Silent Wings 4 120 mm PWM > 1600 giri/min 22,90 dollari /  23,90 euro /  20,99 sterline
  • Le Silent Wings 4 120mm high speed PWM> 2500 rpm $ 22.90 / € 23.90 / £ 20.99
  • And again Silent Wings 4 140 mm> 1100 rpm 23.90 dollars / 24.90 euros / 22.99 pounds
  • The Silent Wings 4 140 mm PWM> 1100 rpm $ 23.90 / € 24.90 / £ 22.99
  • Then we have the Silent Wings 4 140mm high speed PWM> 1900rpm $ 23.90 / € 24.90 / £ 22.99
  • Le Silent Wings Pro 4 120 mm PWM > 3000 giri/min $ 30,90 dollari /  31,90 euro /  28,99 sterline
  • Silent Wings Pro 4 140 mm PWM > 2400 giri/min $ 30,90 dollari /  31,90 euro /  28,99 sterline

All Silent Wings 4 and Silent Wings Pro 4 models will be available in stores from 19 July 2022.

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