New “The Witcher” Game Announced

Annunciato un nuovo gioco di "The Witcher" thumbnail

Incredible news from CD Projekt Redwhich recently announced that a new game of “The Witcher”Is under development. This is the first new mainstream title since “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” was released in 2015, which “will start a new saga for the franchise”. And this is not the only novelty of the title under development. So let’s go find out something more.

The Witcher: CD Projekt Red’s new game will be built with Unreal Engine

These days CD Projekt Red has amazed fans of video games not a little, and not only for the announcement of a new game from “The Witcher”. The most interesting news, in fact, is that the title will not be produced using the graphics engine REDengine – which the company has been using for about a decade -, but Unreal Engine 5. A clear demonstration of the “strategic partnership” between CDPR ed Epic Games. Yet despite the collaboration, the game will not be exclusive to the Epic Game Store. And CDPR will continue to use its proprietary engine for other titles in development. Apparently, therefore, this is just the beginning of a collaboration that we expect to be quite lasting.

“This cooperation is exciting because it increases efficiency and will make development planning more conducive, as well as providing us with access to cutting-edge technology tools. I can’t wait to see the games we are going to create using Unreal Engine 5 “. So he commented Paweł Zawodny, CTO of CD Projekt Red. Yet, beyond this news, the company said that for the moment “no further details are provided – such as a development period or a release date”. On the other hand, given the long working periods of CDPR, it is very likely that it will take a long time before we have detailed information about it.

Despite this, Radek Grabowski – CDPR global PR director – seems to have given us some interesting tidbits about the new game of “The Witcher”. First of all, reportedly, the game will not be called “The Witcher 4” – fortunately, we will add -. Beyond this, what matters is that CDPR is working on a new saga. Success, as you can imagine, is guaranteed. Also by virtue of the appreciation shown by the public towards the homonymous Netflix series.