New updates on Diablo IV and the closed beta of the end game

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During the’Xbox Games Showcase 2022 Blizzard has officially announced the return of Lilith, Blessed Mother. Blizzard has now announced that the closed beta of the Diablo IV endgame will be the first of a few occasions where some players will be able to enjoy what the new chapter has to offer, coming in 2023. Let’s find out all the details together.

The closed beta of the Diablo IV endgame

As revealed by Blizzard, the closed beta will be reserved: this means that the players they will not be able to share o speak publicly your gaming experience. Gamers will be able to try it on PC and Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles, complete with cross-play and progress shared across all platforms.

The game director Joe Shely and the general manager of the franchise Rod Fergusson they revealed some more details about the closed beta. You can find out all in the video above.

Blizzard has revealed that for this beta the company has decided to focus about the end of Diablo IV for different reasons. The Complete Story of Lilith’s Return a Sanctuary it’s not something they want to spoil before release, so during the beta players will be able to enjoy one version di Sanctuarium successiva alla campagna

On top of that, many players believe that the end game mode is the favorite aspect of Diablothat’s why Blizzard wants to make sure it is satisfying it’s full of numerous challenges that can accompany players for long gaming sessions.

The company therefore intends to collect community feedback in advance, in order to integrate them later in the title before its official release. Players selected to participate in the endgame closed beta will have the option to provide feedback between sessions thanks to an in-game reporting tool.

For more information on the closed beta and other details of the title you can consult the Blizzard’s official blog.