Newel Health ha ricevuto un grant di ricerca di 2,5 milioni di dollari dalla Michael J. Fox Foundation thumbnail

Newel Health has received a $2.5 million research grant from the Michael J. Fox Foundation

Newel Health announced that he has received a grant from “Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research” for the research and development of Warrioran innovative digital therapy (DTx) solution for optimizing medication and personalized treatment plans for people with Parkinson’s disease.

Soturi, a digital therapy for people with Parkinson’s disease

Born from an investment by Healthware Ventures and led by industry experts Gerry Chillè and PierPaolo Iagulli, Newel Health is an innovative start-up which aims to improve patient care and the work of doctors.

This is the creation of digital medicine solutions and digital therapies (DTx) with an innovative design and clinically validated. With a strong history of innovation in health care, Newel Health partners with pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and other players in the health and wellness sector.

The words of Gerry Chillè, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer of Newel Health

Gerry Chillè, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer di Newel Health, said, “The Soturi application was developed in collaboration with Orion Corporation. It seeks to improve the lives of people with Parkinson’s disease. It uses data collected by a wearable sensor to determine the impact of disease in their real-life context of daily life. Soturi’s proprietary algorithms analyze the collected data to identify the optimal treatment plan specific to the patient. It is an honor that the Michael J. Fox Foundation has funded our team’s innovative approach and the potential benefits our digital solution can offer the Parkinson’s community.”


The words of PierPaolo Iagulli, Chief Operating Officer of Newel Health

PierPaolo Iagulli, Chief Operating Officer di Newel Health, he expressed his. “At Newel Health we aim to create solutions like Soturi that can make a real difference in people’s lives. We leverage data and technology and maintain the human-centric design approach in our products. In pursuit of this mission, H.Core, our proprietary framework, helps accelerate the design, validation, manufacturing and launch of digital therapies.”

The words of Roberto Ascione, President of Healthware Ventures

Roberto Ascione, President of Healthware Ventures congratulate the team. “Congratulations to the team for their commitment to this new venture and for their hard work on these innovative solutions. This recognition from the Michael J. Fox Foundation marks the first of many major milestones for the company. It is always committed to developing its portfolio of digital solutions to improve people’s health pathways, solving concrete problems, and supporting the work of their doctors thanks to the most innovative digital technologies and the innovation of design processes combined with a rigorous scientific validation”.

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