Newsletters create themselves with Artificial Intelligence

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GetResponse it’s an email marketing solution that matters 350,000 customers in 183 countries. Including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Asia, Brazil, Mexico, the European Union and Russia. The company announced the enhancement of its platform with the launch of its Email generator with Artificial Intelligence, especially with GPT.

Emails generated with GPT: what is the goal

The goal of the platform, an early adopter of OpenAI’s GPT technology in Italy, is to help professionals and entrepreneurs reduce the time it takes to create their email marketing campaigns. But also provide more relevant and engaging content to their subscribers. From the first data collected from its use in the United States, in fact, the creation of a newsletter has become 6 times faster. Rreducing the average time from 19 minutes to less than 3 minutes.

How the Email Builder works

To generate their own newsletter, users simply need to enter the key details of their email, such as the objective, the communicative tone you want to give to your newsletter, the occasion and the target audience. Creation takes place in seconds. The main advantage of the solution is that it generates all the contents of the email, including the text even in different languages, the subject optimized to increase the opening rate and the design, such as layout, photos and colours. If you want to further customize your creation, you can use the dedicated configurator.

The words of Linda Romani, Senior Marketing Specialist of GetResponse

“We truly believe that this AI Email Builder is the solution that both marketers, large companies, SMEs and entrepreneurs have been looking for for a long time: save time to focus on campaign optimization and performance analysis,” concludes Linda Romani, Senior Marketing Specialist di GetResponse.

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