NHL 22: here is the gameplay trailer of the Electronic Arts title

NHL 22: ecco il gameplay trailer del titolo Electronic Arts thumbnail

EA Sports has released the new gameplay trailer di NHL 22, which thanks to the engine Frostbite promises to offer a more realistic and spectacular gaming experience. The title will hit the shelves of physical and virtual stores on October 15th, so the wait is short.

The protagonist of the video is certainly the system Superstar X – Factors. It will allow the most talented players in the league to prove their worth more than ever, significantly influencing the fate of the match. The graphics engine certainly contributes and make the hockey experience of a new generation.

The technical innovations of NHL 22 in the gameplay trailer

Environments are reproduced with greater fidelity, players represented in more detail, and lighting effects are more realistic. The news, however, are not only aesthetic, but also aimed at gameplay, to guarantee more fun and better simulation.

The physics of the sticks has been renewed, making the physically more credible interactions. The fights for the disc will also be more curated, making the clashes truly epic. The visual design combines augmented reality with real action, thanks to the superposition of statistics on surfaces.

Animations and facial expressions are incredibly curated, with players following the entire game with their eyes. Considering the experience of Electronic Arts in the field of sports video games, it is reasonable to expect a mature title able to satisfy even the most demanding ice hockey fans.

Release date and availability

NHL 22 will be released on October 15, 2021 su PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One e Xbox Series X / S. Per i membri di EA Play, the sports title will be available in Early Access. It will therefore be available for both old – gen and next – gen consoles, so as to be able to reach as many users as possible.

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