Niantic e Qualcomm annunciano una partnership per lo sviluppo di software e hardware AR thumbnail

Niantic and Qualcomm Announce Partnership for AR

Niantic and Qualcomm announce partnership to develop AR thumbnail software and hardware

Niantic, a reference software house in the development of AR technologies, has announced an important partnership with Qualcomm. Starting from 2023, in fact, the vision positioning system Lightship di Niantic can count on compatibility with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Spaces XR developer platform. Here are the details about the new partnership:

Niantic announces a partnership with Qualcomm to create AR software and hardware

For developers using Snapdragon Spaces XR there will be the possibility of aEasily add Lightship VPS features. This will help place digital creations and experiences more likely in the physical world and accelerate the development of AR headsets for outdoor use by hardware manufacturers across the industry.

In the near future, Niantic plans to make Lightship VPS available to deliver location-based AR experiences on as many hardware devices as possible. A fundamental element of Lightship VPS is represented by 3D AR world map dynamic, constantly updated. This map allows AR devices to pinpoint where they are, enabling the creation of increasingly immersive AR experiences.

Niantic and Qualcomm are working on a reference design for AR eyewear. In this regard, the two companies presented a demonstration of the new technology. Here is the video:

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