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Niantic Lightship: The new platform from the creators of Pokémon Go

Niantic Lightship is the company’s new platform dedicated to developers to offer them technologically advanced tools in the development of increasingly engaging AR multiplayer experiences. The global launch event has just concluded and showcased the possibilities, technology and idea behind this new project that carries on the Niantic concept: to inspire users to move and explore and with the aim of creating links between the physical and digital world. Let’s find out more about Niantic Lightship

Niantic Lightship is coming: what is it?

Niantic Lightship supports hundreds of millions of users through one platform that redefines new standards for AR (augmented reality). It is a new way of developing the world of AR for artists, developers and producers; be it a non-profit organization, new apps or video games, Niantic experts offer their knowledge to develop great ideas. It is indeed possible get in touch with the Niantic development team to find out how Lightship can help businesses and create more meaningful connections with the public.

The tools of the Niantic Lightship developer kit ( Lightship ARDK ) create a new way to see the most immersive digital experiences with depth, physics, occlusions, multiplayer and much more. Technologies and features adapt to every type of business and theme, from video games, to culture, geography, and so on. As part of the Lightship ARDK project, the company is creating a 3D map of our planet using VIsual Positioning System (VPS) technology and other advanced tools to power a new type of contextual content on a global scale.

In an era in which the world seems to be projected towards the metaverse, Niantic wants to use technology but not to distance people from reality towards an imaginary world but to improve the real world and themselves.

Niantic Ventures also arrives

Niantic Ventures is the company’s investment program for the AR startups of the future. Whether it is a travel, lifestyle, fitness or gaming experience, Niantic offers its support, financial or otherwise, to discover and possibly grow the startups that will form the AR ecosystem together with the company.

From the official website we read: ”We are particularly interested in meeting companies that are already thinking about how to leverage Lightship ARDK to create the best experience for their users. You can be anywhere in the world, with the most diverse team, the craziest ideas and the most daring projects. “

To contact the team behind Niantic Ventures, simply fill out the dedicated form.

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