Niente più confusione: arriva il nome utente unico per tutti i giochi Niantic thumbnail

Niantic proposes the unique username for all games

No more confusion - the unique username for all Niantic thumbnail games arrives

It’s called the Niantic ID, and it’s a unique username that allows you to have a single digital identity for all games.

Niantic ID: One username for several games

Over the years, usernames have evolved to become more than just a way that players choose to represent themselves within the games of Niantic Inc., the software development company that created the gaming-apps based on the Pokémon GO and Ingress AR technology. These usernames define the identity for the players themselves, for the friends they have met and the communities they have joined.

Today, as Niantic continues to build and launch innovative new AR experiences in the real world, the company’s goal is also to further simplify the management of your identity and close friendships through games. Thus the procedure for requesting theID Niantic! By setting one of the existing usernames as a Niantic ID, you will be able to get aprimary and unique identity in all Niantic games and experiences. This does not mean that the in-app usernames will be changed: the existing (and future) ones will instead be linked to your own ID Niantic.

This way, even if you have multiple usernames for each game, through your own ID Niantic each user can be easily identified and found at any time. This also means that you won’t need to start over when downloading a new Niantic game, since your profile and friends list will already be synchronized with your Niantic ID.Starting from today until November 26, 2021, all Niantic players will be able to request their own ID Niantic. If you already have a preferred username, just visit the dedicated web page and set it as ID.

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