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Niantic’s Campfire officially enters the rollout phase

Niantic announced the Campfire global rollouthis new social app which allows Niantic explorers to discover new ones people, locality ed experiences around them. Let’s find out all the details together.

Campfire, Niantic’s new social app


Campfire offers the Niantic community a new way to experience the joy of the gameof the dating and of events in the real world. Niantic’s new social app has been beta-tested by some Ingress Agents over the last few months and is now finally ready to be used with all Niantic titles.

The first country in which it was issued is Germaniajust before the start of Pokémon GO Fest in Berlin. According to what has been revealed, Campfire will become accessible to people from other geographic areas over the course of next months.

But how does this new application work? As soon as the app opens, a appears dynamic map of the your area which will show the games and activities of friends and other players in specific locations nearby. At the top right, however, there are the games icons which will allow you to access each channel or map view of a given title. The user can switch between channels during each experience in each title.

The main features of the application

  • Community nearby: with Campfire it’s possible easily find other players looking for local communities in their surroundings. Just open the page Discover in the Community tab to join new communities, organize events and meet new players.
  • Amici Niantic: on Campfire it is possible to add e manage your friends easily in all Niantic titles.
  • Private and group messages– Users can organize all chats with their friends in one place by sharing photos, their location and more. Location sharing through messages it is optional e lasts up to an hour. After that turns off automatically.
  • Real-world activity: through the app it is possible participate in official community events e share them; keep track of meetings with reminders and invite other friends to play together.

Other news

When you select a titleexplorers can see if there are other people who are playing nearby. When you reach a new place or just want to explore new areas of your city, the map it will make everything more fun.

Also, through Pokémon GO, it’s possible share raid locations with friends via private message. If, on the other hand, you play alone, it is possible tap a specific place on the map to display the option to add a “Flare” (Shimmer) in that locality. The “Flares” work as one “call to action” to entice all Trainers who see her to visit that place and join in the fun.

For more information and to find out when Campfire will also arrive in Italy, we recommend that you visit the official site.

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