Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg e 21 Savage arrivano come operatori giocabili di Call of Duty thumbnail

Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg e 21 Savage arrivano su Call of Duty

The fifth season of content for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 e Warzone will see the arrival of three hip hop celebrities as playable operators: Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg e 21 Savage.

Activision announced it, specifying that only Snoop Dogg will be available from the launch of the season. The other two operators will be released later. Particular attention is paid to Nicki Minaj, who will be the first real woman to be implemented in the game as an Operator. You can see the first images of Snoop Dogg and Nicki Minaj in the game below, while the aesthetic of 21 Savage has not yet been revealed.

Actually Snoop Dogg is not new to the Call of Duty series at all. The rapper, a big fan of video games (and of the video game), had already lent his voice to the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Ghosts, commenting on the actions of the players. He was also present as an Operator in Warzone, in Call of Duty: Mobile and Vanguard, complete with a finishing move called “Finishizzle Movizzle”.

Call of Duty celebra i 50 anni dell’hip-hop con Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj e 21 Savage

The addition of the three playable characters is part of the game’s celebration of half a century of hip hop. In addition to the operators, in fact, there will also be new in-game songs called War Tracks. To get them, just log into Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone on at least four different days between 7 and 16 August. On the fourth day of consecutive access to Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone, the player will also receive a Blueprint of the special weapon, usable in any online mode of the game.

War Trask will consist of classics of hip-hop history, released between the 80s and 2000s. At the moment Activision has not revealed the tracklist, but we will obviously keep you updated.

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