Nikon Z 8, the perfect hybrid camera to unleash creativity

Nikon Z 8, la fotocamera ibrida perfetta per liberare la creatività thumbnail

Nikon Z 8a powerful and agile camera, joins the range of Nikon Z-series professional mirrorless cameras. Packed with the features of the Z 9, but in a smaller and lighter body, the all-new Z 8 camera offers photographers and videographers incredible flexibility to support maximum creativity.

Nikon Z 8, an agile body for handheld shooting

Nikon Z 8 follows in the footsteps of the flagship Nikon Z 9 and continues the legacy of the famous D850 model. Weighing just 910 g, the body of this new mirrorless is 30% smaller than that of the Z 9 and 15% smaller than that of the Nikon D850 SLR. Nikon Z 8 is the perfect hybrid camera for photographers and video makers who want a nimble body for handheld shooting or a full-frame camera that’s perfectly balanced in every setup, even with most gimbal stabilizers.

Characterized by the same sensor CMOS stacked and from the same processor Nikon EXPEED 7 of the Z 9, the Nikon Z 8 delivers truly spectacular image quality, thanks to its resolution of 45,7 megapixelcapable of making native images and videos in 8.3K.

Versatile and flexible, this new Nikon mirrorless thus expands the creative possibilities of photographers and videomakers, allowing you to record video with a wide range of frame rates and codecs, including the RAW format for video up to 8.3K/60p or 4.1K/120p. On a photographic level, however, it is possible to work with various file sizes and various sequential shooting speeds, including 120 fps. The camera allows you to capture 10-bit HEIF images and 10-bit HLG videos, which is ideal for HDR content creators.

The more compact and light body does not sacrifice reliability: the Nikon Z 8 it is in fact endowed with a high weather protection and presents the same cold tolerability of Nikon’s D6 and Z 9 models, ensuring reliable performance even at low temperatures. Furthermore, Z 8 and the first Nikon mirrorless camera to feature two USB-C ports. This way you can transfer files quickly while charging. In addition to the camera, there is a wide range of NIKKOR Z lenses available for every budget and every need. There are also many third-party accessories available, such as gimbals, microphones and much more.

Technical characteristics of the Nikon Z 8

The Nikon Z 8 machine contains a series of very interesting and cutting-edge technical characteristics.

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Videos of the Nikon Z 8

register high quality 8K or 4K video and has numerous features that save time and space. Users can shoot 12-bit RAW footage “on-camera” and work with Nikon’s N-RAW files, which are half the size of HQ ProRes RAW files. Full-HD extension files are created when shooting in 8.3K N-RAW or 4.1K ProRes RAW HQ format.

Photograph of the Nikon Z 8

This camera captures stunning 45.7MP images with an extraordinary dynamic range and boasts continuous shooting speed flexible up to 120fps with full AF/AE and no interruption in viewfinder. Dedicated portrait functions allow photographers to fine-tune hue and brightness or soften the appearance of skin.

Sensore CMOS full-frame stacked da 45,7 MP

This sensor designed by Nikon to ensure high image quality very high resolution achieves the fastest scan time in the world, which combines with the electronic shutter to almost completely eliminate shutter-related distortion.

Nikon EXPEED 7

This processor guarantees a very fast focus speed, smooth video and fast burst shooting speed. It handles complex AF and AE calculations at unprecedented speed and processes dual-stream data from the image sensor separately.

AF con deep-learning

Accurate tracking and detection of people, dogs, cats, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, motorbikes and airplanes. Subject detection and AF down to -9 EV for video and stills. The eyes always remain in focus, even if a subject is moving quickly or if it is upside down. Faces will always be sharp and in perfect focus even if the scene is backlit.

Real-Live viewfinder and tilting monitor

Smooth and uninterrupted viewfinder thanks to dual stream technology. Bright 4-axis tiltable touchscreen monitor.

Camera ready for HDR content

Acquire immagini a 10-bit HEIF e video 10-bit HLG. Content can be viewed instantly on HDR screens.

Due porte USB-C e slot per due card

Separate USB power and communication terminals for transfers quick while charging. Slot for two memory cards for flexible shooting and archiving.


Comfortable and deep handle ed ergonomics in perfect Nikon style. Separate display interfaces for video and for images. Menus rotate if you shoot vertically.

Lightweight and resistant

The camera weighs only 910g (approx.) and the high-performance climate seal helps keep out dust, dirt and moisture. The same temperature tolerance as the D6 and Z 9 models allows it to shoot reliably down to -10°C.

Battery pack handle veroptional tical

The new Power Battery Pack MB-N12 from Nikon can be used as a grip for vertical shooting or to counterbalance telephoto lenses for extended use.