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Nilah, the overwhelming joy comes to League of Legends

League of Legends announces a new Champion ready to go into battle: Nilah, the overwhelming joy. A lower lane skirmisher, capable of empowering herself and her allies with positive effects nearby.

Nilah, the overwhelming joy comes to League of Legends

“I will face the great evils of myth and live forever in hatreds,” says Nilah, stepping into the field on League. A woman who seeks epic adventures and wants to use her unwavering joy to overwhelm her opponents and support her allies. Nilah is an ascetic who belongs to a legendary orderknown for the ability to harness the power of a ancient demon of joycapable of doing good and fighting against the evil one.

The warrior follows a code made up of ancient rituals, which allow to connect to this demon and tottingere to the source of power.

Its power manifests itself in the form of sparkling water e incandescent. In fact, he draws from the spiritual lake in which the demon is imprisoned.

Nilah and her order have indeed sealed Viego within the confines of his land, but she senses the danger of a return and wants to face these old world myths as only she can.

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The skills of the new warrior

His passive ability Inexhaustible joy gives her and the closest ally 50% experience that would normally be lost to share with nearby allies. Shields and heals from allied champions are most effective on Nilah: when an ally uses a heal or shield on her or himself, Nilah also grants the benefit to herself and an ally.

Q – Lama report: Attacks and skill damage against champions ignore part of their armor and heal Nilah for part of the damage dealt. Increased critical strike chance and excess healing grants Nilah a shield. Furthermore Nilah hits along a line, damaging all enemies she encounters. Hitting an enemy increases Nilah’s range and attack speed for a few seconds.

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W – Veil of jubilation: Nilah is shrouded in fog which increases movement speed, reduces magic damage taken, and allows her to dodge all basic attacks for a short time. Touching an allied champion hides them in the fog for half the duration.

E – Wake: Nilah dashes through a target unit, damaging all enemies it passes through. Nilah can have 2 Scia stacks at a time. Also Nilah can cast Shapeless Blade (Q) during Wake to unleash a wave as it passes.

R – Apotheosis: Nilah swings her weapon in an area around her, dealing damage and luring enemies towards the center with a final explosion. Nilah takes care of some of the damage inflicted. Finally, heal and shield increase with critical hit chance, even for nearby allies.

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