Nilox enters the Energy world with power stations and solar panels designed for all needs

Nilox entra nel mondo Energy con power station e pannelli solari pensati per tutte le esigenze thumbnail

Niloxthe Esprinet Group’s outdoor technology brand, presents its first range of power station and solar panels PS to meet the needs of travellers, outdoor enthusiasts and professionals who need to have clean and reliable energy “at hand” at all times. An announcement that confirms the brand’s ability to never stop: after moving easily from action cameras to the field of electric mobility on two wheels, Nilox further expands its product offering and focuses on the world of portable green energy solutions.

The new line of Nilox PS products perfect for all situations

The new product line Nilox it is ideal in all situations where it is difficult to have access to the electricity supply, or in contexts where it is not present: both for leisure (when camping, on a boat or to recharge e-bikes and electric scooters) and for household tasks (maintenance work in the garage or use of electric tools in the garden) and is designed to offer everyone the most suitable solution to always carry the energy necessary for their work or passions.

The power station laptops of Nilox they also allow you to live off-grid, or to disconnect from the electricity grid when necessary, keeping your devices or small appliances running. Added to this is the possibility of reducing one’s environmental footprint: in fact, power stations can be recharged with solar panels, with the advantage of using renewable energy wherever you are.

Nilox PS 300 to recharge up to 281 Wh

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For outdoor use it is important to choose a compact but at the same time powerful portable power station, such as the PS300, which despite its small size and a weight of only 3.6 kg, can be used to recharge or power numerous devices thanks to a capacity equal to 281 Wh. Con PS300 at full capacity, for example, it will be possible to recharge a laptop up to 5 times, a smartphone up to 22 times and a tablet up to 9 times, but also power a mini-fridge for almost 5 hours or a 5w lamp for over 55 hours .

Nilox PS 500 to power all essential devices

Equipped with a capacity of 614 Wh, Nilox PS500 it is capable of powering all your essential devices: from the mini fridge to the electric stove, from the computer to the LED lights. All while ensuring great comfort: with compact dimensions, a weight of 8 kg and an ergonomic design equipped with a handle, this model, designed specifically for campers and base camp hikers, can be easily lifted even with just one hand. As for full charging, with a maximum input of 220W, the PS500 it takes about 7 hours with the use of solar panels or via a 220W socket, and about 8 hours with a car port.

Nilox PS1300 for the most demanding devices

With a battery capacity of 1254 Wh and pure sine wave output from 1300 W CA, NiloxP1300 it can power even the most demanding devices. With this power station, for example, it will be possible to recharge an electric scooter up to 4 times, an e-bike up to 3 times, but also to power a 1000W lawnmower for over an hour and – in emergencies due to a power failure – a 300W freezer for over 3 hours.

No problem even with regard to temperatures: both PS500 That P1300 are equipped with a state-of-the-art battery safety system thanks to the implementation of the cells LIFEPO4 which, compared to old-generation lithium cells, ensure greater thermal and chemical stability, and guarantee a longer life cycle (recharge potential between 2,500 and 3,500 cycles) and superior performance.

The solar panels

Among the best tools designed and built for all those who are attentive to the planet or who want to experience off-grid life, Nilox offers portable solar panels: comfortable, useful and sustainable. The range consists of three models that vary in wattage: S60, S120, S200. They are made from a lightweight, weather-resistant material and are easily foldable to be transported anywhere, allowing you to adopt a sustainable way of producing energy, even when you are away from home.