Nilox Mini Wi-Fi 3 review: small and functional

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We finally tested the new Nilox Mini Wi-fi 3, a small action camera with a ridiculously low price, which allows you to record videos in 4k; let’s find out all the details in the review!

The video camera proposed by Nilox is positioned in entry level segment of the market: it is offered for just over € 50. Mini Wi-Fi 3, however, is equipped with many accessories that make it practical for different uses.

Technical features | Nilox Mini Wi-Fi 3 review

The main technical characteristics of the product are listed below.

  • Resolution: 20 Mpx
  • ISO sensitivity: Auto
  • File formats: JPEG
  • Exposure mode: auto
  • Stabilization: Yes, electronic
  • Focus: fixed
  • Live View: Si
  • Anti-dust: Yes
  • Video mode: 4k @ 30fps
  • WiFi: Si
  • GPS: No
  • USB: Si – micro usb e HDMI
  • Touchscreen: no
  • Display: 2.0″
  • Mirino: mo
  • Memory: micro SD up to 64GB
  • Battery: Li-Ion. 900 mAh
  • Target:
  • Apertura Max: 2.8 F
  • Effective Focal Length (4: 3) Max. 3 mm.
  • Real Focal Length (16: 9) Min.3

The video camera | Nilox Mini Wi-Fi 3 review

Entirely made in matt white plastic, which does not retain dust and fingerprints and which has good but not excellent ergonomics. Different speech for the keys, chromed, which hold the fingerprints in a very evident way. The position of the keys could have been better: some are difficult to reach. On the other hand, the body weighs just 61 grams, the dimensions 41.1 x 59.3 x 24.6mm.

On the underside we find the housing for the battery (two batteries are supplied), on the side instead there are the microUSB, microHDMI ports and the microSD slot. Hardware side the camera has a sensor, with fixed focal type lens ultra wide (170°. f/2.8) with fixed focus, 20 Megapixel in photos and 4k in video. The whole is supported by a small but functional display da 2″ which does not excel in displaying images: a common peculiarity in relation to the price range. The equipment is completed by a large series of accessories for fixing the video camera on all types of support, in the equipment the transparent protective case stands out: perfect against the rain and valid for diving up to 30m, a little less for the fingerprints that will be always clearly visible. All complete product specifications can be found here on the manufacturer’s website.

Walking with… | Nilox Mini Wi-Fi 3 review

We were accompanied by Nilox Mini Wi-Fi 3 through the streets of Rome on our E-bike. In our wandering, we made several hours of recordings on various routes and in different climatic conditions. No problem even with the terrible downpours that occurred during our test thanks to the case. It should be noted that, sometimes, thanks to the uneven background of the more complex paths we have chosen, the recording was interrupted because the memory card was moved. On quieter routes, on the other hand, everything has always gone well. The menus turned out to be intuitive and easy to press keys even with gloves on.

The photo / video quality did not surprise us positively: the product is in line with the price range it occupies. Definitely not to be used in the evening and not even with strong contrasts due to some chromatic aberration too many. Good stabilization: even on the worst routes the videos are sufficiently still. Excellent audio quality without the case, a little muffled with the protection: the price to pay to be able to use the camera in all conditions.

A good companion for everyone …

Nilox Mini WiFi 3 is an entry level action camera with good performance, in line with the price. The videos in 4k, although well stabilized, are not very fluid, but have a wake effect probably due to the shutter speeds which, with fast movements, are too slow. Bad? Maybe, but given the price you couldn’t ask for better. Definitely suitable for those who are starting out or for those looking for a product to use in extreme situations without too many worries of mind. Shooting in low light remains a limitation for this camera: you need to be aware of this before buying it. Honorable mention for autonomy, really excellent and perfectly in line with what was declared by the manufacturer.

What do you think of this camera? Will it be among your purchases soon? Let us know in the comments and keep following us on the pages!

Points in favor

  • Weight
  • Endowment
  • Portability
  • Prezzo

Points against

  • Digital noise in low light
  • Video / photo quality
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