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Nilox Multifunction Headphone Review: low price, but…

In this review, we’ll look at the Nilox multifunction headphones, a very low-priced pair of USB over-ear headphones, but there are compromises to be made

Nilox offers various accessories for our workstations. From mice to keyboards, it provides us with many tools with truly convenient value for money. Sometimes this can be an advantage. Sometimes it doesn’t necessarily mean it is. These multifunctional Nilox headphones perhaps they go more in the direction of the second. Let’s try to understand why.

Nilox Multifunction Headphone Review: low price, but ...

Nilox Multifunction headphones: design and construction

Let’s start immediately from the most painful point of the matter. The design of these headphones is a bit dated and look a lot like what you see in call center operators. The livery is black, quite uniform although there are glossy finishes – which easily attract dirt – and those with slightly opaque workmanship. You immediately notice that the plastic used for the construction it’s not very good quality. Even the assembly isn’t the best, the headphones creak quite a lot and flex easily. Even the rods to adjust the headphones are a bit compliant.

In short, taking them in hand for the first time, one does not have a very good impression. But considering the price, one could turn a blind eye. Then we look at the thread with his USB-A connector, also a bit anachronistic now with the USB-C technology that will now become standard, and the half-panel with the Ford gray keys from 10 years ago. And maybe we close the other one too. We have to though break a spear in favor of padding: even if it does not guarantee perfect isolation, it is quite comfortable and allows you to wear the headphones for several hours.

Nilox Multifunction headphones: characteristics and use

These Nilox headphones mount driver da 40 mm with a response between 20 and 20 KHz and a sensitivity of 105 dB. The microphone however has a sensitivity of -45dB. It must be said that all in all these headphones do not perform badly. The sound is quite balanced even in the presence of complex sonorities. Maybe a little more bass wouldn’t hurt. But in general we can say that the sound is quite good for the price at which they are offered. We think the audio quality is also a little above average for this range.

The microphone also does its job, but we would have expected something more. Ambient sounds are audible a lot, so it doesn’t seem to have good directionality. Also often heard as a kind of background hum. In short, you can use it, but don’t expect great quality. If you are in a noisy environment, you may not be able to communicate clearly with your interlocutor.

Nilox Multifunction Headphone Review: low price, but ...


We cannot say that we had a positive impression, but not even completely negative for these Nilox Multifunction headphones. Surely the strong points are the very low price, we are talking about less than 20 euros, and the audio quality which is all in all good. The points against are certainly the design – you can find much better at the same price – and the microphone that could do something more given the size. What are they good for? If you want a pair of headphones to use mostly to listen to music and without spending a capital, you can consider them. That’s all from the hardware section, keep following us!

Plus points

  • Audio quality
  • Earpads padding

Points against

  • Outdated design and technical choices
  • Microphone quality
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