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Nilox Vertical Mouse Review: ergonomics at low cost

This Nilox vertical mouse could solve numerous ergonomic problems for those who use the PC for several hours of files and at a negligible cost! Let’s see the full review

Vertical mice are an ergonomically improved variant compared to traditional teardrop-shaped mice. While traditional mice force the user to keep the hand and wrist in a flat, tense position, vertical mice are designed to keep the hand in a more natural, relaxed position. These devices are angled at 45-60 degree angles, allowing the user to hold the mouse in a handshake-like posture.

The benefits of vertical mice include a reduction in stress on the wrist and forearm, which can help prevent or relieve musculoskeletal disorders like carpal tunnel. Additionally, the vertical grip promotes better arm and wrist alignment, reducing muscle fatigue and strain. Some models also offer programmable buttons and improved motion sensitivity, ensuring a personalized and precise user experience. For those who spend many hours on the computer, a vertical mouse may be a recommended choice to improve comfort and overall health while using the computer. And this one from Nilox seems to be a viable option at a very economical price.

Nilox Vertical Mouse Review: ergonomics at low cost

Nilox Vertical Mouse Review: features

The Nilox vertical mouse has a ergonomic V design, typical of vertical mice. The whole product is covered in soft non-slip rubber which gives a very pleasant, almost velvety feedback to the skin and also lets it breathe which is quite a positive thing in the summer heat. It connects to your PC via a wireless USB dongle, so you don’t have any wires running around, with a range of up to 10 metres.

This vertical mouse is equipped with 6 programmable buttons. The feedback from the buttons is good and in general they can be used with the right amount of force, avoiding both accidental clicks and too much stress on the fingers. Indeed it is equipped with Huano mechanical switches. The same goes for the wheel that runs quite precisely and smoothly. It weighs only 89 grams and measures 125 x 80 x 67 mm. The resolution can be adjusted to 800, 1600 or 3200 DPI.

Nilox Vertical Mouse Review: ergonomics at low cost

Nilox Vertical Mouse Review: use in everyday life

This terminal it fits very well in the hand – and personally I always have a bit of a problem with big hands. The inlet where to rest the thumb is quite comfortable and the keys are comfortable to reach and to press. Perhaps the only flaw that I would like to underline is the bottom which tends to be a bit resilient and therefore it is a little difficult to move the mouse, especially if you want to perform large movements.

We have used it both with many different software: office, photo editing, programming. In general it’s good for everything, but sometimes the fact that there is a bit of friction makes it a bit difficult to perform very precise movements. Furthermore, for gaming there are more suitable products, much more responsive.

The top varnish is a bit flimsy and impressed after a couple of weeks of use, however we like the design of the product. It’s about an elegant and modern product, which looks good on the desk. There is also a colored LED strip, unobtrusive and soft, but which gives that extra flicker. Even if such a product could not even be there.

Bonus: giant Nilox mat

As anticipated, this vertical mouse tends to have a little difficulty sliding. That’s why it can be a good idea to accompany it with a nice mat. Nilox offers a solution with its Mouse Pad XXL. This is a really huge mousepad: 800mm wide by 300mm deep. Made of good quality technical fabric, it allows you to comfortably rest the mouse, keyboard and hands, improving the ergonomics of the workstations. The back is rubber coated for good grip. The mat also features a waterproof coating to protect it from liquids. A good choice to accompany our vertical mouse!

Nilox Vertical Mouse Review: ergonomics at low cost


We are moving towards the conclusions. For a product that comes offered at 18.99 euros in the list priceI think you can ask for little more. The ergonomics and functionality are all there. Of course we can find better products in terms of material and technical specifications, but you have to be willing to pay at least double the price. So this vertical mouse from Nilox is a great buy, especially for those who are about to try their first mouse of this type and are uncertain. That’s all from the hardware section, see you next time!

Top quality-price ratio!

Plus points

  • Good ergonomics
  • Lightweight materials and good feedback
  • Very competitive price

Points against

  • Not very precise in fine movements
  • Slightly delicate surface
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