Ninja Creami NC300EU, the compact and easy to use ice cream maker

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Summer is now over but the time to enjoy a good ice cream never expires. With the Ninja Creami NC300EU ice cream maker, it is possible to create an almost infinite combination of ice creams, from the most classic ones such as chocolate ice cream or stracciatella ice cream, to more particular ones such as beer ice cream or salted butter and caramel ice cream. You can indulge yourself by creating new combinations or following one of the many recipes in the cookbook, also downloadable online from the official Ninja website. In addition to ice cream with Creami NC300EU you can prepare sorbets, milkshakes and even excellent smoothies.

How Ninja Creami NC300EU works

The preparation is really simple: just fill the jar with the ingredients, freeze for 24 hours, and thanks to the Ninja ice cream maker Create me whipping to perfection in a few minutes. You can choose not only the taste of your ice cream but also the consistency. In fact, to make it creamier, simply use the preset program several times, until you reach the desired creaminess.

Furthermore, using the Extra program, you can customize your recipe by evenly distributing chocolate chips, candies, hazelnuts or crumbled biscuits for an even tastier delight. Ninja Creami boasts 6 preset programs: Gelato, Artisan Gelato, Sorbet, Smoothie, Light Gelato and Milkshake. Thanks to the various functions it is possible to prepare not only ice creams, but also drinks, desserts and sorbets for any occasion. The components are all removable and easily dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The characteristics of the product

Ninja Creami NC300EU is a very compact ice cream maker. In fact, its weight does not reach 7 kg, it is 27 cm deep and only 17 cm wide. The ice cream maker has a maximum power of 800W, is equipped with non-slip feet and a cable with a length of 0.88m. The product is sold together with 3 dessert baskets, with relative lids, with which it is possible to prepare up to 1.4 liters of ice cream and 3 different flavors at a time.

It also includes the mixing blade, the motor base and the printed and online recipe book, which can be downloaded simply thanks to the QR Code that you find on the sticker affixed to the ice cream maker. Additional baskets can also be purchased separatelyin a pack of two for € 16.99 or in a pack of four at a cost of € 24.99.

Here are some of the tastiest recipes

As we have already anticipated, making a good ice cream with Ninja Creami NC300EU is very simple and we can indulge ourselves with our imagination or follow one of the recipes in the cookbook. To make beer ice cream, for example, only four ingredients are needed: cream, sugar, egg yolks and of course beer. To get an excellent ice cream just mix the cream with the beer, the sugar with the egg yolks and then mix everything together and cook over low heat for a few minutes. Pour the mixture into the special jars and let it cool.

Ninja steps Create me NC300EU

After leaving the mixture to freeze for 24 hours, just use the predefined program and after a few minutes your ice cream will be ready to be enjoyed. If you prefer to stay lighter you can opt for a nice strawberry sorbet. To prepare it, you only need fresh strawberries, water and sugar. It will therefore be sufficient to crush the strawberries, add water and sugar, blend the mixture and then pour the product into the baskets. After waiting 24 hours, just select the Sorbet function and the strawberry sorbet is ready.

Ninja Creami NC300EU: price and availability

The ice cream maker Ninja Creami NC300EU is sold at a cost of 229.99 euros. The product can be purchased on the official website of Ninja and on Amazon. As a physical channel, SharkNinja products are also distributed by Attiva Spa and on sale at MediaWorlds throughout Italy.

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