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Nintendo Direct: recap of all the February 2024 announcements

The Partner Showcase gave us an idea of ​​what to expect from third parties in 2024: here are all the announcements from February’s Nintendo Direct

The wait was long, but in the end after a State of Play entirely dedicated to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and a presentation by Microsoft in which the “multi-platform future” was limited to four then unknown games, it was definitely time for the inevitable Nintendo Direct of the month of Februaryalthough in 2024 it is “only” a Partner Showcaseavailable here in a recap of all ads. We have quoted the adverb because there is no shortage of irons in the fire anyway. As always, this is ours spoiler alert: If you missed the event and want to see every trailer, find the presentation below. If, however, you are here to take stock of what you have already seen or you do not want to recover everything together, continue reading.

Grounded | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

Coincidentally, an Xbox game is leading the way for the Nintendo Direct: the announcements for February 2024 start with one of the four titles considered eligible by almost everyone. In Groundedyes Xbox Game Studios, we will have to explore a world after being shrunk, almost like in the Pikmin series. Unlike Pikmin, however, we will also be able to build and share in Play Areas mode, as well as play online with full game support. crossplay. Between food to get to survive and nocturnal insects to avoid to… well, for the same reason, the game awaits us April 16.

Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the mist | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

Remember that we reviewed ENDER LILIES: Quietus of the Knights (with great pleasure, despite not including it in the Advent calendar)? Well, we have a second child! Binary Haze Interactive presents a new adventure, set in the same world. Ender Magnolia: Bloom in the Mist is set under Vaportera, a thriving kingdom of which little magic remains. As Lilac, we will reluctantly join forces with one of the artificial Homunculi who have set the world on fire. In addition to being our enemies, the Homunculi will occasionally help us in the adventure. This year.

First roundup: adventurous worlds | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

Yes, this time there are quite a few announcements, and they all have a common thread. Avalanche number one: extraordinary worlds and related adventures. In Arranger: a Role-puzzling Adventure, the hand-drawn game grid moves with us. We will face the dungeons quest’estate. Da Atlus torna Unicorn Overlord, in which Prince Alain must save five nations by making tough decisions in battle, from recruitment to capital punishment. The 2D HD-like strategy game comes out on8 Marchcon demo today. Back from the 3DS too Monster Hunter Storieswith turn-based battles, voice acting, HD and museum with illustrations, and will do so in estate. Unexpected bomb Epic Mickey Rebrushedpublished by THQ Nordic: a “faithful remake” of the original for Wii arriving this year.

Shin Megami Tensei V Vengeance | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

V for Vendetta, or V for five? Be that as it may, we return to the possessed world of Atlus with Shin Megami Tensei V Vengeance. A war beyond our understanding will take us between Tokyo and the Beyond, in a cast particularly prone to an eye for an eye. Which makes the world blind, but when ever anyone in the realms of Atlus did he realize it? In any case, we also have a surprise date. The return among digital demons and urban fantasy is set for on June 21st. After an announcement like this, it would be crazy to resume with another roundup, right? Um…right? Real?

Second roundup: co-op | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

The main theme this time is the co-opstarting from STAR WARS: Battlefront Classic Collection where we will take part in historical battles playing online with up to 64 players. The Hero Assault mode will give us the reins of good guys and bad guys alike. 14 March. The delirium continues with South Park: Snow Day!in which the customizable “newbie” joins the nasty quartet in a hack & slash co-op against hordes of enemies to save the city. March 26, pre-orders open. Speaking of action RPG mechanics, the virtual world of Sword Art Online: Fractured Daydream it is in chaos, between past and present. Online co-op for up to 20 players, 2024. Finally, halfway between action RPG and third-person shooter, Gundam Breaker 4 offers us over 250 basic kits to build our “Gunpla” and, if necessary, pose it as we wish in a diorama. This year.

Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

That is, “Pyoro was right”. Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble offers us over 200 levels to tilt to get our rolling monkeys safely to the finish line. Co-op available for 4 players, as well as a madman battle royale for 16 challengers along the lines of Fall Guys and Kirby’s Dream Buffet. In the We are we will have to reach the finish line first, in Banana hunting we jostle to grab the fallen bananas, Crush the robot places us against a boss to defeat together, and… there will be other challenges that we will only discover June 25th. Pre-orders, however, are available from today.

World of Goo 2 | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

The blackish and mushy jelly of 2DBoy She is back! World of Goo 2 takes up the original concept of a physics-based puzzle game, in which we will have to exploit the gelatinous substance to create bridges, towers and other structures. The ultimate goal is to convey as much “goo” as possible, including new variants such as the explosive one. Local co-op for up to 4 players is not the only exclusive: the game itself, in fact, on the console front will remain anchored to the hybrid of wonders. The release is scheduled, only on Switch, on 23 maggio. And now, it’s the turn of a genre that is inevitable in Directs, for better or for worse…

Fantasy Life i: the girl who steals time | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

Who said “farming sim with RPG elements”? Nobody? Well, in Fantasy Life i: the girl who steals time we will really have to juggle the two genres: obtaining and managing resources on the one hand, and fighting monsters on the other. The island where the game is set is in need of renovation, and will be almost entirely deserted at the beginning of our adventure. By traveling through time we will discover the history of the village and, of course, we will obtain other resources, to be used in the different professions available to the player. The release of the latest exponent in the now thriving (pun not intended) hybrid genre is scheduled for October 10th.

Another Crab’s Treasure | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

What could be the most colorful soulslike we can remember is back to make itself heard. Let’s talk, for those of you who haven’t followed the previous presentations of the Big N, about Another Crab’s Treasure. It is precisely a soulslike, in which the only thing that has ruined the game world is pollution. In the role of a hermit crab, we will have to use any shell we can grab, in a choice of over 60 improvised carapaces. We will have to sell our skins, or rather our claws, dearly when the game is between us 25 April. Good for those interested, for whom it will be a national holiday!

Third roundup: shadow drops! | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

Well yes: the real bomb of the Direct, according to this writer, is a roundup all for shadow dropthat is, all games available (in full version or demo) since Today. Let’s start from Penny’s Big Breakaway: the escape from the furious penguins, with a simple yo-yo (and an excellent pedigree) on our side, starts today. And the same goes for the Suika Game Multi-player Mode expansion pack, or a DLC for the puzzle game of the same name which in the future will add online multiplayer (available in a bundle). The pixel art platformer where you dig underground and drill enemies, Pepper Grindercomes out March 28 ma la demo it’s available. Finally, GAME FREAK (yes, them) blends solitaire and horse racing with again Pocket Card Jockey: Ride on!where cards dominate the race and it is possible, from today, to even breed foals.

Fourth roundup: breakneck speed! | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

And here starts thelast roundup of today, that is very fast which invariably forces us to pause the video every time to note the very long titles of the games involved. To you!

  • Snufkin: Melody of Moominvalleyhand drawn stealth title. 7 Marchpre-order today.
  • Tales of Kenzera: EXPANDstylish 2.5D platformer with dialogue. April 23pre-order today.
  • Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- Sweep the Board!transposition of the anime with rhythm game elements. April 26.
  • Kingdom Come Deliverance – Royal Editionreissue of the classic Deep Silver. March 15pre-order today.
  • Contra: Operation GalugaKonami’s remake of Run & Gun’s WayForward. 12 March and, as predicted by the leaker Pyoro, demos and pre-orders today.
  • Repentance, another title from Xbox Game Studios. Tomorrow (February 22, 2024).

Rare Replay… or almost?! | Nintendo Direct: all the announcements for February 2024

The real surprise at the end of the presentation was Microsoft’s other muted contribution to the library Nintendo Switch Online. The following five classics by Rare appear today for subscribers, including an exclusive game of Additional package!

  • NES: Snake Rattle N Roll e R.C. Pro-AM.
  • SNES: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs e Killer Instinct.
  • N64: Blast Corps. Requested the Additional package.

Final bomb?

The last surprise of the February 2024 Direct is shocking in the fact that it is a title published by Nintendo: The ads ended with the other interpretation that almost everyone took from Pyoro’s dolphin clue. Endless Ocean: Luminous is a new chapter of the series set in the Veiled Sea, unknown to most. The seabed, which changes with each dive, can be explored online with lobbies for up to 30 players, with underwater emotes and, above all, over 500 underwater creatures to meet, both extinct and mythological. The dive into relaxation starts on 2 maggiowith pre-orders open today.

Now it’s up to you to tell us your opinion: satisfied or disappointed? Let us know belowand as always…