Nintendo DS: Gamers in the UK miss it

Nintendo DS: I gamer nel Regno Unito ne sentono la mancanza thumbnail

According to a recent study conducted by Hyperoptic Team, a portal that deals with statistical surveys, the console for which British gamers are most nostalgic is the Nintendo DS: the study lasted about a month and collected the feedback from around 1000 players across the UK.

The Nintendo DS is the UK’s most nostalgic console

The results obtained by Hyperoptic Team leave no doubt about it: the Nintendo DS is the console for which British gamers are most nostalgic. Well 61% of the interviewees in fact stated that they would like a new version of the console or that the famous laptop of the big N would return in some form to the market. A result that is not surprising considering how much this console is loved.

In second place in the ranking of the most nostalgic console we find instead PlayStation 1, which was close to the percentage reached by the DS, with 60.6%. This result outlines a clear line of separation between the two groups of gamers, who are divided between lovers of the Nintendo ecosystem and that of products. Sony, in the latter case referring to franchises such as that of GTA and Tony Hawk.

In third place we find PlayStation 2 with 57.9% of the votes of the interviewees, while in fourth place the SEGA Mega Drive with 57% of the preferences, the console that gave us the likes of Sonic The Hedgehog, Strider and many more. The Game Boy instead it comes only in fifth position, even if not far from SEGA Mega Drive, with 56.8% of the preferences.

If you are curious to know where your favorite console is, we recommend that you take a look at the full version of the study, which you can find by following this link.