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Nintendo is the richest company in Japan

According to an analysis by Toyo Keizai, a prestigious Japanese economic magazine, Nintendo is currently the richest company in Japan, with over 11 billion dollars.

Switch and Super Mario help Nintendo become Japan’s richest company

This result is the result of the great success of Switchthe hybrid console launched in 2017, which has sold over 100 million units worldwide, and the film Super Mario Brosthe first film adaptation of the famous video game franchise, which it grossed over $1 billion at the box office.

But what makes Nintendo’s position even more notable is the fact that the company does not have any debt. This means that Nintendo has great liquidity and strong autonomy, which allow it to invest in new projects and face any crises without having to depend on external financiers. A condition that is not exactly common in the entertainment industry.

In the meantime, the other two giants in the world of video games are preparing for important news in 2024. PlayStation announced numerous games during the State of Play (such as Death Stranding 2 and a new mysterious title also by Kojima). Microsoft has instead outlined the future of the Xbox consoles, announcing 4 new titles and a new generation of consoles.

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