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Nintendo Switch 2: chipset leaked?

Although Nintendo you seem intent on extending the life cycle of Nintendo Switch for a few more years, a document leak from NVIDIA unveiled the alleged chipset of the successor to the hybrid console of the great N. Nintendo Switch 2 so it could be, at least in the ideas, already in the plans of the company, even if we still do not have precise information in this regard.

Nintendo Switch 2: a leak anticipates the chipset

Among the various details that emerged in the past few hours we also find the indication of the alleged graphics API of nvn2, which should form the API of the new version of Nintendo Switch, but not only that: in the leak there is also an alleged hardware platform on the console almost should be based, which if it were true would already reveal several elements on the heir of the Switch.

According to the data currently in our possession, Nintendo will use a costum variant of the Orin chip, also known by the code name T234very well known for being gifted with a CPU a 12 core based on Cortex-A78AE architecture. In addition to this we find support for the Ray Tracing e al DLSS 2.2 thanks to 64 Tensor Coreas well as a memory LPDDR5 but 32GB.

Clearly this is a generational leap as huge as it is necessary for the Nintendo hybrid, which will finally be able to count on truly performing hardware in step with the times. Despite this, this new incarnation of Switch would still not be comparable, in terms of pure power, to the new generation flagships of the competitors, but rather to a more modest one. PlayStation 4 Pro.

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