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Nintendo Switch Calendar #23: Super Mario 3D All-Stars micro-review

More than an advice for purchases, a reminder: today a review of Super Mario 3D All-Stars emerges from the Advent Calendar

Contrary to the rest of this list, it is hardly to be considered that of Super Mario 3D All-Stars like one review “valid”. Which then, in the end, is why in the Nintendo Switch calendar the game places so low. The only way to recover a collection that sells itself only for the trilogy it contains… is to find it in electronics stores. Unfortunately this collection, understood as such, is far from the pleasant frills seen elsewhere (three games, their soundtracks, and that’s it). But, minimalism aside, it is still worth its price for just one of the three adventures it contains.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars, third review of the Nintendo Switch Calendar

Of super mario 64, nowadays, what is left to say? The adventure that practically invented the collectathon concept also recontextualized Mario’s world by making the plumber able to defend himself, without power-ups, as well as opening up the level design to something new (in 1996, that is). Moving on to other games that aren’t part of Nintendo Switch Online, we have the sequel Super Mario Sunshine. On paper, the game tried to magnify everything: “what you loved, but more”. If it weren’t for the fact that the upheavals are more than demonstrations of fidelity. Although (presumably) loudly requested, Sunshine is the weak link of the trio.

At the other extreme we have Super Mario Galaxy, which alone is worth not only the price of the game, but also that of the fuel needed to reach the shop. We are talking about a title that (mandatory mention) on Nintendo the Official Magazine won a goliardic (and not too symbolic, but almost indicative) 11/10. Linearity returns, but in (very) disguise and it does it big. There is a plot, inserted into the game by that foxy Koizumi without Miyamoto’s knowledge, and it is among the most poignant ever seen in the world of Mario. There is epicness. There is class. And there are also, unfortunately, those who risk playing on Switch without even knowing that all this exists.

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