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Nintendo Switch OLED, classic or Lite: which one to buy?

At first he was alone Nintendo Switch. Then she came Switch Lite. And now the version too YOU ARE. Three different consoles, very similar to each other, which make the choice a little more complex for those who want to enter the Nintendo world.
Which one to choose? To help you answer, we have decided to compare them with each other.

Confronto Nintendo Switch OLED vs Switch vs Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch OLED

The main feature of Nintendo Switch OLED is – as you can easily imagine – the 7-inch OLED display and with HD resolution, therefore 1280 x 720 pixels.
Playing with this screen is a real pleasure. Edges are minimized therefore, although the display dimensions are the same, the space is greater and the immersion is maximum; we have an excellent color rendering and the brightness is more than sufficient for both domestic environments and for use outdoors or on the train, on the subway, on the plane and in the car, when obviously you are not driving.

In our opinion, the difference is somewhat noticeable with all games, although there are some that further enhance the performance of the panel, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Metroid Dread. Keep in mind that all upcoming games will benefit from the new display to give you a superior gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Under the body we have the NVIDIA Tegra X1 Custom processor – the same as the “old” Switch – and 64 GB of internal memory, expandable thanks to the microSD slot that you find hidden under the stand.
The latter is made of plastic but is wide, rather sturdy and tilts quite a lot, so you can lay down your Switch OLED.

Then we have the USB-C connector and the 3.5 mm audio jack. THE joy-con, that is the controllers, can be disconnected and used at the same time so you can have fun with friends. Or you can detach them to use them with the various accessories on the market, such as Ring Fit or Nintendo Labo.

On the autonomy front we find a battery that guarantees from 4 and a half hours to 9 hours of use. Know that 9 hours is not the standard: get there with automatic brightness and without stressing the console too much.

Last but not least we have the base to connect it to the TV which provides the HDMI input and the LAN port.

All this a 349,99 €list price.

Nintendo Switch

The original version of Nintendo Switch it is from 2017, but it is not the one you find on the market today. In fact, in 2019 Nintendo made some changes, leaving only the newcomer on the market.

The screen here is a 6.5-inch LCDtherefore slightly smaller and with more prominent edges.
The processor, as anticipated, is the same as the OLED model but the space available is less: 32 GB that you can expand with a microSD. The slot is on the back and, in our opinion, is a little less comfortable to reach than that of the Nintendo Switch OLED.
Among other things, you can find it under the stand which in this case is not very large. Practically a rectangle that does not foresee who knows what degrees of inclination and that is not too stable and robust.

Nintendo Switch

We always have the base to connect it to the TV but without Ethernet port so you have to rely on WiFi only.

Works well? Absolutely yes. In the end, the performance offered is the same as the OLED model. You play it all, without limits and without problems.

All this a 299,99 €.

Nintendo Switch OLED vs Nintendo Switch comparison: which one should I buy?

Is it worth buying this or Nintendo Switch OLED? In our opinion the improvements in terms of display, memory and stand justify the 50 euro difference.
Especially the screen which is undoubtedly better both for brightness and for color rendering and depth of black.
If, on the other hand, you want or need to save 50 euros, know that the classic version does it all anyway. You won’t have to give up anything, neither in terms of versatility nor in terms of performance.

And Nintendo Switch Lite instead?

Nintendo Switch Lite follows a different philosophy. We don’t have a TV base and there are no joy-cons. It is a whole. And it doesn’t connect to the TV. It is devoted exclusively to mobility and designed to play alone.

The display in this case is a 5.5 “LCD, always with HD resolution. The processor is unchanged, the memory is always 32 GB – expandable – and the inputs are always USB-C and 3.5 mm jack. The autonomy that goes from 3 to 7 hours drops a little.

Nintendo Switch lite

But be careful: there are games that are not compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite.
Nello specifico: 1-2 Switch, Fitness Boxing 1 e 2, Ring Fit Adventure, Nintendo Labo, Super Mario Party, Just Dance e Surgeon Simulator CPR.
Why don’t these titles go? They are all games that are based on the use of joy-con that are not here because it is all united. However, it is possible to buy the two controllers separately and connect to Switch Lite to compensate for this lack, of course together with the dedicated charger.

If all these titles are NOT essential for you, if you want something super portable and if you tend to play alone, Switch Lite is a great solution. Moreover, the cheapest with yours 219,99 €.

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