Nintendo Switch Sports: Basketball and Dodgeball Coming?

Nintendo Switch Sports: in arrivo il Dodgeball e il Basket dopo il lancio? thumbnail

Nintendo Switch Sports will arrive next month and before launch, i dataminer sifted through the game files to find out what other sports may be making their way into the game in the future – if Soccer, Volleyball, Bowling, Tennis, Badminton, Chambara (Fencing) and Golf (coming with a free update this fall) aren’t enough for you now References to Dodgeball e Basket.

Nintendo Switch Sports: Dodgeball and Basketball coming?

Obviously, there is no guarantee that Nintendo necessarily has plans regarding the introduction of these sports into the game, but if that were the case, the announcement could come in the near future, perhaps in conjunction with the launch. results of data mining, courtesy of the Twitter user Wipeoutjack7 with verification by the dataminer colleague ToyConGarageVR.

Nintendo released a two-day trial of the Switch Sports game last month, which gave players access to Tennis, Bowling e Chambara. Unfortunately, no one was allowed to share their experiences online, including screenshots and footage from the game. A real shame, since it would have been an opportunity to convince the most skeptical.

In short, the game already promises to be very rich in content and many sports to choose from to have fun in company. The theory of the disciplines added after the launch, however, is particularly credible, given that it would allow Nintendo to keep the game alive over time with always new activities to do. Although it is only a rumor, therefore, the possibility is to be taken into serious consideration.