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Nintendo Switch Sports: what to expect from the new upcoming sports title

Wii Sports is a video game that has become a true icon, introducing the whole world to a new way of playing, reproducing the movements of the arms in the real world within the video game thanks to the movement controls. The April 29 the franchise will come back with Nintendo Switch Sportsperfect title for having fun in company with fun, intuitive and suitable for everyone: there will be players waiting you are sportincluding three firsts (Volleyball, Badminton e Soccer), here’s what to expect.

What to expect from Nintendo Switch Sports

Nintendo Switch Sports brings the fun and challenge of real sports to the latest Nintendo console, recalling the old glories of Wii Sports and at the same time adding interesting news. As in the other titles in the series, you can use the controller Joy-Con to reproduce real-world movements in the game.

Not only those of the arms, but also of the legs: for the first time, it will be possible to connect the leg band, included with the on-board version of the game, to a controller Joy Con to kick the ball into the Penalty mode of the Soccer.

The latter is a totally new discipline for the series, in which players will have to compete to send a giant ball into the goal in one-on-one or four-on-four matches. Through a free update coming in theestate 2022the possibility of using the band and therefore of kicking with the leg will be extended to all modes of this sport.

The new sports also include the Volleyball (1 – 4 players), in which it is possible to serve, raise and receive by raising the arms with a controller Joy-Con: Timing and teamwork are key to blocking opponent attacks and counterattacking. Another big news is the Badminton (1 – 2 players), in which it is necessary to challenge the Joy Con as if it were a racket and accurately target shots thanks to the precision of the motion controls.

The classics of all time

There is no shortage of great classics, directly from the other chapters of the series, but enriched and improved, such as the Tennis (1 – 4 players), in which it is possible to play doubles and hit shots such as topspin and slice using the best timing from time to time to give the right angle.

They also return the beloved Bowlingwith matches up to 16 players and an exclusive obstacle course mode, and the Chanbarain which you have to push the opponent off the platform with a sword, choosing from three possible weapons, including double swords that can be used with two Joy Con. But that’s not all, because with a free update coming in theautumn 2022 a seventh sport: il golf.

All disciplines are playable with friends and family in locale or onlinewith a subscription to the service Nintendo Switch Onlinewhile those looking for an even more fierce challenge can count on Lega Pro. The latter allows you to face players from all over the world to climb the rankings and thus reach the rank of professional, even in the company of another player locally.

The road to the summit is full of achievement dedicati e aesthetic rewards to customize your in-game avatars, which will be updated on a weekly basis for a full year. Nintendo Switch Sports will be available on Nintendo Switch from April 29.

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