NiPoGi CK10 review: a silent and elegant mini PC

In this new review we talk about the NiPoGi CK10, a mini PC that offers high performance with noteworthy silence, to work in total calm

This mini PC NiPoGi CK10 it is what a person who wants to calmly work in their personal office, in their bedroom or in any other place in a manner can look for calm and quiet. The mini PC, in itself, allows you to work in maximum peace, without incurring high temperatures or feeling the heat caused by the fan. The use of this mini PC promises a good working experience, without running into problems or sudden slowdowns, that's all very fluid. In short, it is a machine that does its job and even morebecause it does so at maximum performance, whether for working or just watching films or TV series or even play video games.

NiPoGi CK10 review: a silent and elegant mini PCNiPoGi CK10 review: a silent and elegant mini PC

The beauty of packaging | NiPoGi CK10 review: a silent and elegant mini PC

This mini PC was sent to us in a very elegant and simple white box. This box already gives us the impression that it is of noteworthy elegance and that it can be looked at well just for the packaging. As expected, the CK10 has arrived well protected, with all the necessary padding so that it was not damaged during delivery and arrived safely at our place. A white box containing everything needed to use it, power cable, screws to fix the mini PC behind the monitor (although, in all sincerity, the mini PC is so beautiful to look at that it would be a shame to hide it behind the monitor) and thespecial rod to mount the mini PC.

The technical characteristics

These features are a preamble to what we will then analyze in detail about this mini PC, also to demonstrate the power of this little gem:

  • Processor: 12th Generation Intel Core i5-12450H with Hybrid Architecture (P-Core + E-Core)
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Storage: 512GB SSD UP TO 4 TB
  • Wi-Fi: WiFi6 e Bluetooth 5.2
  • Operating system: Windows 11 Pro
  • I/O port: 4*USB 3.0, 1*USB-C (data transfer only), 2*HDMI, 1*VGA, 1*Gigabit LAN, 1*audio/microphone input and 1*DC socket

NiPoGi CK10 review: a silent and elegant mini PCNiPoGi CK10 review: a silent and elegant mini PC

A mini PC that turns into a 4K TV | NiPoGi CK10 review: a silent and elegant mini PC

The first thing that catches the eye when you turn on this mini PC is its speed, Without precedents. Such a small contraption is capable of giving a reactivity which is in step with the times and allows you to carry out any operation with a lot fluidity and responses to commands are instantaneous. The mini PC is extremely light, weighs less than a kilo, and it is also very small, something that makes it very easy to place in any corner of your home. This might make you think that it is very basic, with honest performances and that it does not offer the best. Nothing could be more wrong.

With this mini PC you can not only work, but also play and watch films and TV series in 4K. The 4K resolution is always there, regardless of what you watch. A movie or series on Netflix? Amazon Prime Video? It does not matter, and still the 4K resolution. This mini PC is therefore able to transform whatever you are looking at at a very respectable resolution, therefore giving acinematic experience, as if you were watching a film directly in the cinema. With this mini PC you can also play games, even if not the latest generation video games. If perhaps you have a bit of nostalgia and want to replay some old titles for PS3, Xbox 360 and previous consoles, you can do so.

NiPoGi CK10 review: a silent and elegant mini PCNiPoGi CK10 review: a silent and elegant mini PC

Mini PC NiPoGi CK10, small but powerful

The thing that surprises us the most and that we appreciated the most is precisely his memory capacitywhich allows you to install many programs without having to worry too much about space, unlike perhaps what happened with the ECS LIVA Z5 Plus mini PC. Here there is memory space, and it is so much. If perhaps you have to work with video editing or programs like Photoshop, this mini PC is able to support these systems and continue to work smoothly without slowing down our work. Indeed, its speed and reactivity help us a lot to complete our work as quickly and easily as possible. It should also be remembered that with this you can also watch films and TV series in 4K and also play video games, although unfortunately it is not up to speed with the latest generation consoles, but otherwise the possibilities with this hardware gem there are so many.

Among other things, you can find it at a really reasonable price and indeed, even too good, for what it offers, at just the price of 489 euros. If you want a new machine to work with and that is not bulky, the purchase is absolutely recommended! Continue to follow us on techgameworld.com for more reviews from the world of hardware and much more.

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