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Nissan Ground Truth Perception technologies to avoid accidents

Nissan has announced a new driver assistance technology called Ground Truth Perception. This uses highly accurate real-time information about the vehicle’s environment to greatly improve collision avoidance.

Nissan used a test vehicle to demonstrate how this technology can automatically perform collision avoidance maneuvers. Nissan technology “Realistic Territorial Perception” combines the information coming from LIDAR, new generation high performance radar and cameras. Technology is able to “see” the shape of objects and to understand how far they are from the vehicle. It is also able to detect the structure of the area surrounding the vehicle, in real time and with great precision.

Using this information allows the vehicle to immediately analyze the current situation, judge and automatically perform the necessary collision avoidance operations.

Nissan’s ADAS technology is also capable of detecting deceleration and roadblocks from a distance sufficient for related lane changes.

In addition, Nissan Ground Truth Perception can also provide more driver support in areas where detailed mapping information is not available.

Takao Asami, Senior Vice President, Global Research and Development, ha commentato: “It is important for customers to feel safe in their car. Looking to the future of autonomous driving, we believe Nissan’s Ground Truth Perception technology will make a significant contribution to this. “

Nissan Ground Truth Perception is developed in collaboration with other companies

The Japanese carmaker has collaborated with leading companies for the research and development of “Nissan Ground Truth Perception”. The new generation LIDAR, a fundamental element of this technology, is integrated into the Nissan system in collaboration with Luminar.

In the field of advanced collision avoidance control, it is vital to develop the necessary high-precision verification technology in a digital environment. To this end, Nissan is partnering with Applied Intuition, which has state-of-the-art simulation technology.

As part of the long-term vision “Nissan Ambition 2030”, the Japanese company is working on the development of vehicle control technology. The goal is to significantly reduce accidents using next generation LIDAR technology.

Nissan believes that in the next era of autonomous driving, driver assistance technology that can avoid extremely complex accidents will be essential. Nissan aims to complete the development of Ground Truth Perception by the mid-2020s. This will initially be available in select new models and in nearly all of the brand’s new cars by 2030.

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