Nissan Juke Hybrid arrives on Italian roads

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Nissan lancia in Italia Juke Hybridthe first electrified version of its crossover coupe that gave birth to the segmento B-SUV. This arrival marks the beginning of a green season for the Japanese brand, which will launch others five electrified models by 2022. With its unique hybrid powertrain and a multi-mode gearbox not to forget the passion for driving, you lower costs and fuel consumption. Indeed Juke Hybrid in the city works in EV mode 80% of the time. You can already find it in Nissan dealerships at a very attractive price.

Nissan Juke Hybrid debuts in Italy

Crossover in Italy is one of the most important segments, with a 46% weight in the first months of the year (25% of B-SUVs and 21% of C-SUVs). But Nissan is not afraid of competition with the Juke Hybrid, which arrives in Italy to launch an electrifying season for the Japanese house.

By 2023, the electrified range cwill account for 75% of Nissan’s revenues, which will offer an ecological version for each model in the range. With the launch of the Juke Hybrid, 42% of the brand’s offering is electrified (34% Hybrid, 5% Plug-in Hybrid e 3% BEV).

A truly unique hybrid powertrain

The Juke’s hybrid powertrain has a internal combustion which delivers a power of 69 kW (94 hp) and a torque of 148 Nm. The engine electric principal has a power of 36 kW (49 hp) and a torque of 205 Nm. Both are developed directly by the Japanese company. A high voltage starter from 15kWan inverter, a liquid-cooled battery from 1,2 kWh and the gearbox multimode.

A complex architecture, which uses a multi-mode gearbox and an algorithm that regulates the intelligent operation of the vehicle. So much so that there are 5 different levels of hybridization:

  • 100% EVthanks to the 49 HP engine
  • 100% ICE, all with the heat engine
  • Parallel Hybridin which the two motors work together
  • Hybrid Serieswhich moves with the main electric, while the thermal one recharges the starter
  • Hybrid Series / Parallelthe car moves in parallel, but the heat engine also recharges the starter
  • Nissan Juke Hybrid in Italy, low fuel consumption and driving pleasure

    In particular, the engine 100% EV works up to the speed of 55km / h, allowing you to travel around the city without polluting, with zero emissions. So you can enjoy the bright and progressive acceleration of the electric, along with pleasant silence as you move.

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    I consumption in the urban cycle falls by 40%while in the combined we go down by 20% (5.2 L / 100 km, emissions from 118 g / km). But without sacrificing driving pleasure. Indeed, this version is 25% more powerful than the petrol model (143 against 114 HP).

    The multi-mode gearbox has a total of six gears, two for the electric and four for the thermal. No friction, however, when switching from one engine to another. Also because the powertrain has fewer moving parts, reducing friction and ensuring a pleasant ride.

    Furthermore do not forget the reduction of the stamp, reduced RCA costs, access to the ZTL and free parking in the blue lines, depending on local regulations.

    technology and design

    There are many technological improvements that Nissan Juke Hybrid brings to Italy. As the Regenerative Cooperative Brake, which combines the regeneration of the battery with the action of the braking system. More battery and more control.

    You can also choose between the modes Echo, Normal and Sportt, which change the acceleration response and steering stiffness. Also find Nissan e-Pedal Step, to accelerate and slow down the car using a single pedal. Just lift your foot to slow the car, great for city driving.

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    ProPILOT which assists the driver during acceleration, steering and braking. And then there are all the safety sensors that allow you to travel in complete tranquility. THE NissanConnect Services allow you to interact with the car even remotely, with more comfort and safety.

    But in addition to the technology is the sporty crossover coupé design, with a new front grille to regulate the airflow. The trunk also has a capacity of 354 literswhile folding the seats you get to 1.237, at the top of the category. And you have 553mm for the knees.

    Nissan Juke Hybrid, availability and prices in Italy

    You can already order Nissan Juke Hybrid in dealerships, with first deliveries scheduled for September 2022. The base price of the version N-Connecta is 30,300 euroswhile N-Design part of 31,500. The version Tekna start from 32.860 euro.

    Also find a special launch version Premiere Edition with exclusive style elements and rich technological equipment. Alone 500 copies for Italy at the price of 32.300€. More information at the dealership and on the Nissan website.

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